Challenge Nicaragua’s Top Waves

Surfing along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua gets rave reviews from riders who now come from everywhere to try out waves deemed world class by major publications. The year-round consistency of local surfing is renowned, thanks to steady winds from Lake Nicaragua that generally blow over 250 days a year.

Gran Pacifica Resort is fortunate to have a world-class break considered one of the best in Central America. The uncrowded beach at Playa San Diego features a hollow, super fast left point breaking over a shallow reef that provides long rides in the tube. Meanwhile, nearby Asuchillo Beach offers less dramatic, but fun almond-shaped barrels that can be handled by beginners and carved up by experienced surfers.

Our resort at Gran Pacifica Resort has become a favored destination for surfers, with lodging just steps from the waves paired with other forms of entertainment. Custom “stay and surf” packages are available, and the shop’s knowledgeable staff can help plan and book your vacation, including stops at many of the best surf spots along the Nicaraguan coast.


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