Gran Pacifica Social Service Initiatives

Beauty for Ashes and Recycling Efforts - 2013


Gran Pacifica is working with Beauty for Ashes, founded by Kara Westermann and Audra Omer.   Kara, a former Gran Pacifica intern, came back to Nicaragua to help a community living inside the former trash field of Managua “La Chureca”.  Today, the trash field has been turned into a recycling factory with aid of the government. Kara is determined to keep working towards better living for local people and today she operates the Beauty for Ashes NGO, which is a 501(c) non-profit organization.

9.1Beauty for Ashes Project exists to release people from spiritual, physical and emotional poverty and replace their ashes for Christ´s beauty. This wonderful organization ( has recently started an art therapy program for children and recycling construction program to build new, vocational facilities.

Beauty For Ashes volunteers are experts at dealing with plastic bottles, which are now used for street children’s art/therapy sessions and general construction. They started at La Chureca, the community at Las Banderas. They plan to build a dozen plastic flower trees along this community’s perimeter. Also, they have used thousands of plastic bottles to build a vocation facility at Las Banderas, where single mothers can learn skills, specifically how to sew.

9The bottles were also filled with inorganic trash by community people an become “eco-bricks”. These eco-bricks can replace the expensive cement blocks that are so needed and they provide both safety and important savings for construction. Additionally, this construction technique helps to keep a community clean for the bottles are turn into construction materials. Gran Pacifica continues to collaborate with these noble efforts.