Socially Responsible Development

Gran Pacifica Social Responsibility Statement

Humanitarian ServiceThe Gran Pacifica business model is by itself, a socially responsible and sustainable form of development. Our founders, many of whom worked in Nicaragua since the early 1990’s in a strictly humanitarian nature, believe that the helping hand is more powerful than the hand out. Sustainability and transformation are the keys to long-term community impact and success.

Download here the history of Gran Pacifica Social Responsibility Initiatives.

Workers at Gran PacificaTypical “development” in the region involveslittle more than a land buyer chopping up a piece of property and selling off the lots. The result is usually an empty field with some roads and power, but very few, if any, houses or structures. There is little or no employment created in this process, few taxes are collected for the local municipality, and worse, because there are no “addresses,” tourists have no place to rent or stay.  This model lacks the ability to provide real social transformation.

The Gran Pacifica model is radically different. First and foremost is the long term approach, in our c>ase 20-25 years for build out. By focusing on the long term, we understand that we are becoming members of the community and view our relationships in that manner. Second is the creation of serious employment. From the outset, wGran Pacificae have required home construction on almost all lots sold, and have joint ventured to launch 3 separate condominium projects simultaneously. Gran Pacifica and its partners employed nearly 1,400 people over the last 6 years.  Third is that we are creating tourism infrastructure. We are building homes and condominiums for tourists to come use. This has the added benefits of creating sustainability of employment and ongoing tax revenues into the communities surrounding the Gran Pacifica Project.




Not only are we creating sustainable change through the project itself, we have acted to enhance the social fabric of the communities who are most likely to feel the impact of the employment. From the beginning we havAmbulance Donatione worked to provide donations of ambulances, medical equipment, school supplies, and also participated in projects to reclaim parks and repair schools. Alongside our contractors, we have created a training program for workers so the people in the local community can take advantage of the employment opportunities.