New Nicaraguan Infrastructure


Getting There: Easy Air Travel to Nicaragua

There are several airlines that have non-stop flights to Managua, making it easy and quick to get to Nicaragua from the United States. In a matter of hours you can be on the beach watching the sunset and enjoying cocktails.

Managua´s Agusto César Sandino airport is a high quality international airport. There are direct flights to Managua from Miami (TACA and American Airlines), Houston (Continental Airlines), Atlanta (Delta Airlines), and Los Angeles (Delta Airlines).

The connections between Nicaragua and many other countries in the region mean that you can fly to another country in Central America and catch a flight to Managua. These connections also make it easy to explore the region from your base in Nicaragua.

Getting Around: Traveling by Road to Explore the Country

Travel within Nicaragua is largely by road. The pan-american highway passes through the country and there are three other large roads, all of which pass through Managua. You have the option of renting a car, taking a taxi, or taking a bus.

Probably the easiest and most comfortable way of getting around is renting a car, which you can do with or without a driver included. Nicaragua is not big on street signs and hiring a driver will save you possible frustration at getting lost.

Taxis are cheap and fast, but not luxurious. That said, driving around in a taxi can be fun and with a basic knowledge of the Spanish language it is easy to get engaged in a conversation with the often friendly taxi drivers. Taxis do not use meters, so be sure to always agree on a price before getting into a taxi.

If a Nicaraguan taxi does not phase you, then you might try the buses, but this not for the faint of heart. The routes are more complicated to understand, and you may find yourself sharing the bus with a box of chickens on their way to market. But for an adventurous spirit, the bus is a very Nicaraguan method of transportation, as long as you can figure out how to get where you want to go.

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