Gran Pacifica Is Now Accepting Canadian Dollars at Par with U.S.!

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Nicaragua, one of the fastest growing tourism and retirement destinations in the Americas, has become a top destination for Canadian travellers.  Often referred to as the “New Costa Rica”, Nicaragua has been the number one or two safest country in Central America for years.  The safety, friendliness of the people, incredible sites from active Volcanoes to Cathedrals, and having the bragging rights of the oldest city in the New World all have made Nicaragua a must-see destination for world travellers.  But unlike Costa Rica, Nicaragua is still very affordable. 

Nicaragua is very affordable in general, but Gran Pacifica has made it even more affordable for Canadians.  In a unique offer, Gran Pacifica is promoting both all-inclusive vacations and property investment to Canadians by treating the Canadian dollar at par with the U.S. dollar.  That means over a 20% savings and makes vacationing and investing at Gran Pacifica an incredible value for Canadians. Gran Pacifica Resort is a sprawling 970 hectare (2,400 acre) development with condo/hotel suites, infinity pool, award winning restaurant, a challenging golf course and two of Central America’s top rated surf breaks featured numerous times on leading surf magazines. Note: The Canadian dollars at par applies to Gran Pacifica Resort homesites.

With Canadian dollars at par, once you are on the resort grounds you no longer have to worry about what the exchange rate is today.  There is no need to convert prices to Canadian dollars, and that applies to purchasing an investment property as well.   Michael Cobb, CEO of ECI, Gran Pacifica's parent company explains, "We understand how difficult it can be for Canadians to invest in vacation and retirement property with their dollar being more or less at the mercy of the price of oil.  Treating Canadian dollars at par with US dollars is a unique concept for a Central American development, but that is in fitting with Gran Pacifica because we are a unique resort.  We have a very high percentage of Canadians who have chosen Gran Pacifica as their tropical beach residence.  Canadians have made up more than half of our most recent home site and condominium investors and we want to continue to grow the community diversity of Canadians, Europeans, Americans, Nicaraguans and residents from all over the globe.  At Gran Pacifica your neighbors are from many different regions and that keeps the community vibrant and interesting."

Patrick Hiebert, Owner of Gran Pacifica Resort Hospitality businesses and developer of the Milagro Verde Eco-Friendly community at Gran Pacifica states "I'm Canadian and although I live full time at Gran Pacifica in Nicaragua now I still have a Canadian dollar bank account.  So I share the pain of Canadians when they want to vacation and invest in other countries.  Nicaragua, like many countries, accepts US dollars as prevalently as their own currency.  But for us Canadians we are hit with a 20% or higher exchange rate right now which makes it tough to plan a trip or make an investment in a retirement home anywhere. So to give Canadians a great opportunity to vacation in and experience this beautiful country and possibly become part of our community at a tropical beach resort, we decided to take Canadian dollars at par for a limited time!" 

Hiebert continues, “Sometimes I have to check whether I’m dreaming living here!  To go from a high stress city lifestyle in Canada to living on a tropical beach within a short drive from volcanic lagoons surrounded by playful monkeys and to never have to worry about whether it’ll be cold when I go outside is, well, pretty surreal!”   Regardless of which month of the year, daytime highs on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua are a minimum 28-29 degrees and nighttime lows seldom go below 23 degrees.



With the majority of the road to Gran Pacifica from Managua having been reconstructed just this year, and the incredible increase in interest in Nicaragua, this is an opportunity not likely to be repeated.  Canadians looking to vacation at or invest in rental revenue, vacation and retirement property should definitely look closely at Gran Pacifica in Nicaragua.


Gran Pacifica Resort is a unique Spanish Colonial master planned beach community with 3.5 miles of stunning Pacific oceanfront, located just 1 hour from Managua City/Airport. Products and services include: beach homes, oceanfront condos, golf-front villas, surf, golf, and vacation rentals and property management. Gran Pacifica is part of ECI Development group, a regional real estate developer working in Latin America, creating people-centered communities. ECI’s international investors come from United States, Canada and Latin America. For more information contact us.