June 2015 Newsletter

Have you ever visited Nicaragua? You will be amazed by the geography, the people, the business opportunities, and the culture. This is a bountiful, beautiful country. As always we invite you to visit and experience it yourself.


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Here we are with June's edition of the Nicaragua Newsletter. This issue clues you in on some fantastic developments and attractions in Nicaragua, and will give you some great ideas for that next trip you have planned. Nicaragua continues to get recognition for its booming tourism, and Mombacho Cigars' new facilities get some well-deserved attention. Known as a very green country, Nicaragua's rural villages might get greener and brighter if one entrepreneur has his way. One writer travelled to Selva Negra and met my good friend, Eddy Kühl. Don't miss his story and more in this entertaining issue of Nicaragua News.


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~ Nicaragua Updates ~


Gran Pacifica Is Now Accepting Canadian Dollars at Par with U.S.!


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Luxury and Fun at Gran Pacifica


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The Mombacho Cigar Factory: Granada, Nicaragua's Best-Kept Secret


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Five Reasons You Should Go to Nicaragua Right Now


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Local Innovators Build Micro Wind Turbines


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The World's 15 Best Beach Towns - San Juan del Sur


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Tourism School Set up in Granada


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Eddy Kuhl, Selva Negra and More


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