Come visit Nicaragua! You'll be amazed by the geography, the people, the business opportunities, and the culture. This is a bountiful, beautiful, fun and safe country. If you've been to Nicaragua you know this already. If not, perhaps now is the time to experience it yourself



Nicaragua News November 2016 Dear Readers,

Happy 2017!

It’s a new year, and an exciting one at that, even just in these first few weeks.

Once again, Nicaragua has made a list of “Top 10 Places to Retire.” For those of you familiar with living and retiring in Nicaragua, this should not come as a surprise. For those of you not familiar, I would encourage you to read up on what exactly makes Nicaragua such an attractive destination for retirement (and after you’ve done that, you will certainly want to book a flight and come experience for yourself what makes this country such a great destination for retirement).

One major appeal of retiring in Nicaragua is the incredible abundance of healthy and exotic cuisines you will encounter. For some reason, it is more expensive in the US to eat healthy than it is to eat unhealthy. This seems backwards to me. Luckily, healthy foods are incredibly affordable in Nicaragua. You will likely find yourself eating much healthier here than you ever have in the States.

Nicaragua’s economy continues to be strong, posting strong increases in bank deposits in 2016 over 2015. In addition, Nicaragua has major plans in the works to improve its energy grid, with plans to invest almost three quarters of a billion dollars into renewable energy in the coming year.

Finally, all of the recent activities at Gran Pacifica are cause for excitement. Gran Pacifica is continuing its mission of Corporate Social Responsibility, with our latest efforts being to visit the children of the La Chureca Dump outside of Managua and give them a very merry Christmas full of toys and treats.

Gran Pacifica has some big expansion plans of its own for 2017. One is the new Santa Barbara neighborhood, which will offer high-quality homes on spacious lots, full of privacy and next to the ocean. Sales have already begun. This new development will be almost storybook-esque with all of the amazing amenities and luxury it will provide to residents. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about this exciting new addition to Gran Pacifica.

Here’s to a happy and prosperous 2017!

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Michael Cobb
Chairman and CEO
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~ Testimonials ~

"Michael Cobb, you have truly brought ethical behavior to an elevated level. Nine years ago when I was negotiating with you on lot 84A I asked about the houses in the area in front of us and you replied we were the first lots in our area that were permitted to have two stories . That was important to Tom and I as we wanted to preserve our view. Last year when the lot across the street was resold and building plans started, I asked Kent Payne to check and see that only a one story house was allowed on the lot. To my surprise, this was not the case. I prayed they would not build a two story house. Yesterday Tom was informed by Kent that as the house plans on the lot across were of the two story variety, you had offered to trade their lot for a more expensive and valuable lot in order to honor your word! The Cinco Amigos thank you for your ethics in a country in which many other developers have taken the easy way to their own destruction and to the harm of many others. You have raised the bar and we all appreciate your honor. I am proud to be associated with Gran Pacifica and with you."
Connie Orlandini, Gran Pacifica Property Owner


"ECI is just a solid, wholesome company. You meet the founders, and the people, and they're just happy. You know anything Mike Cobb tells you, you can take to the bank. It's like your brother telling you, or even better. This is my first trip to Gran Pacifica, and it just feels like home the moment you get here. Very comfortable, just like old time United States. It has the sense of community that people lost in the US, and I think that's the most important thing. You really can't put a dollar value on it, but you know it when you see it, and it's here.

Coming from a construction background, I can see that everything here is built to last, and there are a lot of little details that were thought of. Looking at the growth here, it really seems to be a solid investment, and it's also just such a great atmosphere. It's hard to put words to. It's really the whole mix of things, trustworthy, common sense people, great climate, real community, and sensible growth. Mike Cobb is a person with a dream, and he's really making that dream happen here. That's something you don't find every day."
John Fultz, ECI Shareholder