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The Beautiful Ocelot of Nicaragua


The beautiful Ocelot is one of Nicaragua’s amazing wildcats. Medium-sized and solitary, this cool cat is such a fascinating and distinctive creature. Last October, the Nicaraguan Central Bank showcased the Ocelot as the coin #4 in their wildly popular “Wildlife of Nicaragua” coin collector series.

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Wildlife of Nicaragua Features the Three-Toed Sloth

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The Three-Toed Sloth made the final cut in the second coin issued by The Banco Central de Nicaragua. The first was the Jaguar. This is part of their ongoing collector coin series entitled “Wildlife of Nicaragua,” which was launched last April. Even though it’s been a year, this coin has been “wildly” popular and hallmarks the three-toed sloth, which is a treetop dwelling mammal found in Central America, and especially in Nicaragua.

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SUNNY & Perfect for Solar Energy!


We would like to feature our friends from the Little Corn Island Beach and Bungalow (LCIBB), located about 43 miles off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. This is one of the original businesses on Little Corn Island to utilize power from the sun. Almost 10 years ago, LCIBB installed 3.2 kw of solar panels, banks of batteries to store the access energy created during the day and two converter/inverters to change the power into usable forms. LCIBB continues to this day to be a leader in the responsible energy use and management on Little Corn Island.

The World Bank in partnership with ENEL (Nicaraguan Electric Company) have now joined together to install and integrate solar power on Little Corn Island! Recently, Islanders cooperating with ENEL have cleared a small part of the island for the installation of over 800 kw of solar panels!

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When the project is completed, clean, natural and free solar power will be integrated into the still somewhat limited electrical grid on LCI. The World Bank and ENEL are projecting marginally lower power costs for island residents AND, now get this, possibly power available prior to the current 1pm generator start time on the island. Now that WOULD be a minor miracle!

You and your family can now come visit Little Corn Island without worrying about the environment impact.

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Dear Friend,

It’s no secret how we feel about the beautiful country of Nicaragua. Known for its lakes, volcanoes, beaches and wildlife, Nicaragua is an extremely popular adventure destination for many travelers who seek thrills and entertainment. But it is also home to some of the most riveting creatures in Central America.

In fact, Nicaragua’s wildlife is so captivating, that the Banco Central de Nicaragua issued the “Wildlife of Nicaragua Coin Series” in 2018. This four-coin collection highlights some of the country’s most fascinating native species; and as you can imagine these coins have been wildly popular. In this month’s newsletter, you’ll read more about two of the animals that are featured in this series--the Ocelot and the Three-Toed Sloth-- and why these creatures were chosen as part of this limited, precious collection.

If you are craving a little, or a lot of R&R on your next vacation, I highly suggest you book a stay on the beautiful Little Corn Island. The Little Corn Beach and Bungalow (LCIBB) was recently recognized as one of the best and affordable island hotels in the world. Also, did you know that LCIBB was one of the original businesses on Little Corn Island to utilize power from the sun? LCIBB continues to this day to be a leader in the responsible energy use and management on Little Corn Island. They definitely get my vote!

Until next time,

Michael K. Cobb