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Los Agüizotes – The Nica Halloween

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Each year, taking place on the last Friday of October, the people of Masaya, Nicaragua celebrate the Feast of Agüizotes or Los Agüizotes. The procession consists of both adults and children dressed as scary, legendary characters of Nicaragua, and is based on myths, legends, and superstitions.

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Visiting Nicaragua in 2019


The country of Nicaragua has been one of the most enticing destinations for tourists when it comes to R & R, exploring and sightseeing, and for adventure and thrill-seekers. But many travelers put the brakes on traveling to Nicaragua last year in April 2018 due to the political unrest - rallies and demonstrations against the government’s proposed reforms, the Nicaragua Canal, and other important factors.

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Spend the Holiday Season in Nicaragua


Traditionally, many folks enjoy spending the holidays with family and close friends. But spending the holidays elsewhere can be a wonderful way to engage in and learn more about different cultures and their own holiday traditions.

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Dear Friend,

Halloween is a favorite season for many people. When we think of Halloween, we think of dressing up for costume parties, trick-or-treaters, pumpkin carving, and watching scary movies. There are many countries that engage in celebrations this time of year -- whether it’s Halloween, Day of the Dead, or their own similar tradition honoring those who have passed. In Nicaragua, the city of Masaya celebrates their ancestors during Los Agüizotes, which is a traditional Nicaraguan festival that is held annually. Here you’ll see ghosts, ghouls, and other scary creatures that take part in a procession around the main streets of the city.

Many of you are asking if it is safe to travel to Nicaragua again. Even though progress has been slow and the current situation here is still not ideal, you can still come and visit. There has been some progress made lately in Nicaragua’s safety and political situation, and there are still many folks who enjoy traveling to this beautiful country, especially this time of year.

As the Christmas and Holiday Season approaches, we all start making our traditional plans to spend time with loved ones, open gifts and spread some holiday cheer to others. For anyone who’s looking to spice up their festivities this year, consider immersing yourself in the holiday tradition of Nicaragua. Learn more about this fascinating culture, taste all the delights of the Season, and see how this country comes alive during this very special time of year.

Until next time,

Michael K. Cobb