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If you’re thinking about where to take your next vacation to just relax and push pause, you may want to consider Nicaragua. Many of our guests come here for leisurely strolls along the beach, watching surfers ride the waves, (or riding some themselves), and getting a relaxing massage by the beach. But for those who are seeking more adventure like volcano boarding, scuba diving, and touring ancient cities, Nicaragua offers plenty of entertainment to be had.

I boast about this all the time, but we really do have a wonderful and blended community at Gran Pacifica. Our residents come from all over the globe for a new life in Nicaragua either full time, or part time like Charlie and Diana Taylor. The Taylors are an outstanding couple who call Gran Pacifica home for a good portion of each year. They enjoy helping others, sharing hope, and spreading sunshine along the way. The two of them live full lives at Gran Pacifica and definitely know how to push pause as well.

A big part of our wonderful community at Gran Pacifica is the incredible people we have here working with us. Mr. Esteban Rivera, one of our hard working employees, and his wife Michelle, welcomed Holly Wilson to their home this past New Year's Eve, and they all celebrated the upcoming year with a delicious homemade dinner and big portion of cheer.


5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Staying at Gran Pacifica

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Many of the residents at our Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua are retirees or individuals who have traded in their ordinary lifestyle in North America for one of tropical bliss and adventure. But not everyone at Gran Pacifica is a full-time or part-time resident. Many of our guests are there to simply “push pause” and relax in Nicaragua.

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Building Community With the Taylors


Building community is what residents of Gran Pacifica Resort, Charlie and Diana Taylor, like to do best in this world. They also like to share hope and “a little sunshine.” The two of them go about doing that in many wonderful ways.

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One of Gran Pacifica’s outstanding employees, Esteban Rivera, invited Holly Wilson to his home in La Trinidad for a New Year’s Eve dinner that his wife Michelle prepared. Michelle cooked up a delicious dinner and they all had a wonderful evening bringing in the new year together.

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