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Carpets Made of Sawdust! - Easter in the City of Leon, Nicaragua


If you’re someone who enjoys delightful smells, Easter colors, bright candies, processions of grandeur, and feeling like you are a part of “something bigger,” you won’t want to miss The City of Leon during Easter Time. Locals here delight in telling stories about the city and famous people from the past. For Christians, this is an especially significant time to be here.

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Let’s Rodeo in Nicaragua!

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You can feel the excitement in the air. The large crowd and the line of cars parked along the side of the road means it’s Rodeo Time!  As Holly Wilson approaches the main entrance of the rodeo, she takes notice that the man who is selling tickets is wearing a pair of cowboy boots that looked to kill!  At this rodeo in Nicaragua, everyone is wearing their best Cowboy and Cowgirl duds.

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5 Amazing Beaches for Surfing in Nicaragua

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Each year, Nicaragua increasingly becomes more popular for its beautiful beaches and amazing waves. Many folks travel to this gorgeous country to relax on the beach for rest and to unwind. But “Adventure Tourism” is Nicaragua’s middle name! And it’s no secret anymore that Nicaragua has some of the best surfing beaches in the world. It is literally a surfer’s paradise.

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Dear Friend,

Nicaraguans are a very traditional people who love to engage in celebrations and holiday festivals. Holidays such as Easter in the City of Leon are especially important. Our very own Holly Wilson travels to Leon to take in the Easter Celebrations and also learn a thing or two in the art of making colorful carpets made of sawdust. Fantastic.

Keeping up with tradition, Nicaraguans, like many other cultures love a good rodeo event. Once again, our social butterfly Holly Wilson attends another fun and exciting happening, this time at a new rodeo and training facility in Santa Rita, Nicaragua. The folks there were decked out in all their finest cowboy and cowgirl attire.

Nicaragua may be known as the “Country of Lakes and Volcanoes”, but it’s middle name is “Adventure Tourism”. Having some of the best surfing beaches on the planet means Nicaragua is also known to be a surfer’s haven. Many local surfers and those who travel from all over the world, come to take part in the incredible wave action and contests on some of the best beaches in Nicaragua.

Until next time,

Michael K. Cobb