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Safety in Nicaragua 2020


It’s everyone’s desire when visiting foreign countries to have a safe trip and enjoy as many adventures that country has to offer -- including Nicaragua. Take a read through this article to discover the "Must-Know" tips for 2020.

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The Giant Anteater of Nicaragua


The giant anteater is such a unique and intriguing creature that it is featured on the third coin released in the extremely popular series “Wildlife of Nicaragua” collector edition. The giant anteater is the largest of the three remaining anteater species, and it is among the beautiful wildlife that you can find in the tropical rainforests of Nicaragua.

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Where To Retire, Where To Retire…?


Is your retirement coming up this year, or still a ways off?
Chances are you've been doing research to figure out what you want to enjoy your Golden Years.  Discover here why people are heading to Nicaragua.

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Dear Friend,

Will you be planning a trip overseas this year for a family vacation or a chance to just get away? The month of March is a good time to start booking those reservations. If Nicaragua is where you’ll land, be sure to check out some of the latest information on safety in your travels.

Many of you will recall that a couple of years back, The Banco Central de Nicaragua began releasing a popular collector coin series entitled “Wildlife of Nicaragua”. The Giant Anteater is one of the cool and distinctive creatures that made the cut, and for very good reasons.

I’ve spoken to many folks who are getting ready to embark on a new adventure in life. Retirement. I know most of you are researching the matter pretty intensely. Your Golden Years should be the best time of your life. So consider living full or part-time in a country where your retirement funds will stretch enough to enjoy a lifestyle you dream about. Nicaragua may be the answer to your “Where To Retire” question.

Until next time,

Michael K. Cobb