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Now that we've said our farewell to 2019, we want to look back at some of our most delightful blogs written about Nicaragua last year. Dental and medical care, traveling in Nicaragua, and reflections on Nicaraguan life from one of our U.S. employees are just a few of our most popular reads. These are the top blogs that made our shortlist this year, so be sure to check them out.

On behalf of my family and all of us here at ECI Development, we wish you all a truly prosperous New Year!


Dental Tourism in Nicaragua

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Being able to get great and affordable dental services at a fraction of the cost of the United States or Europe is just one of the many things that Holly Wilson loves about living in Nicaragua. Both dental and medical tourism has steadily increased in Nicaragua because of quality, technology, and low costs in health and dental care.

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Health Discount Program at Vivian Pellas Hospital

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Holly Wilson was actually excited to visit the Vivian Pellas Hospital in Managua, Nicaragua—but not as a patient. She and a group of others visited the “Naturaleza Store,” conveniently located next to the hospital because it carries all kinds of natural remedies, vitamins, and other resources.

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Visiting Nicaragua in 2019


Nicaragua has been one of the most enticing destinations for tourists when it comes to chilling out, exploration, and sightseeing,  as well as a popular destination for adventure and thrill-seekers. That is because Nicaragua has manifold attractions like volcanoes, beaches, lakes and glorious centuries’ old cities – all which make it an ideal place to visit or relocate.

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The 6 Things I Miss Most about Nicaragua


Nicaragua will always have a special place in Angela Smetana’s heart. She met her Nicaraguan husband, started a family, and they all called Nicaragua “home” for 12 years.

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