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One of the most beautiful countries, known for its pristine, primitive and incredible beaches, is Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s beaches truly are one of Central America’s best-kept secrets. The pristine, golden and white sand beaches awaits, so be sure to visit at least one of these beaches during your stay in Nicaragua.

Along with some of Nicaragua’s beautiful beaches, are some of the most consistent and incredible waves. For this reason, it comes at no surprise that surfers find Nicaragua to be a surfer’s haven. Both amateur and professional surfers alike, travel from all over the globe to engage in some of the best wave action in the world. If surfing isn’t your forte, watching these guys (and gals) ride these waves is sure to serve up a very interesting afternoon.

We hear from folks all the time who have lived both part and full time in Nicaragua, and had to move back to their home country. They tell how much they miss living in this beautiful country, and what they miss the most about their lives there. Our very own Angela Smetana reflects on life in NIcaragua and what she and her family miss most.

NCharlie and Diana Taylor are some of our part-time residents at Gran Pacifica who enjoy life in Nicaragua as well. They are an extremely interesting couple who have spent much of their lives together and enjoy all sorts of activities in their “retirement” years. But they especially enjoy lazy afternoons walking along the beach or reading.


The Beautiful Beaches of Nicaragua

Corn Islands

Beaches in Nicaragua are one of Central America’s best-kept secrets. So much so that pictures are scarce. Apart from the Corn Islands, most of the best beaches in Nicaragua are along the narrow stretch of golden sand that borders Nicaragua’s South Pacific Coast.

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A Guide for Surfing in Nicaragua

Courtesy of Perfect Wave Travel

With coastlines bordering both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is the ultimate destination for surfers. While there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to take lessons and learn to stand up for the very first time on a wave, there are also some incredibly “tasty” waves, which are better suited for the experienced surfer who has years of this powerful sport under his or her belt. Use this guide in finding affordable surf rentals in Nicaragua, the best places to hang ten, and local tips on surfing in the area.

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The 6 Things I Miss Most About Nicaragua


Nicaragua will always have a special place in my heart. It’s a place I called home for 12 years. It is where I met my Nicaraguan husband and where we chose to raise our two boys.

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Building Community with the Taylor’s


Building community is what residents of Gran Pacifica Resort Charlie and Diana Taylor, like to do best in this world. They also like to share hope and “a little sunshine.” The two of them go about doing that in many wonderful ways.

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