Nature Tours at Gran Pacifica Resort

Birds! With their bright colors, beautiful songs, and ability to fly, they have always marveled us humans and continue to be an inspiration to many. Bird watching is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities that can be practiced almost everywhere by people of all ages. Gran Pacifica Resort has the perfect conditions for bird watching, where you can appreciate a large variety of aquatic and land birds, local and migratory. A specialized guide (bilingual) certified by INTUR and with over 5 years experience will accompany you on each tour with bird books (field guides) and binoculars to help you locate and identify each one along the way. So whether you are just a nature lover, or a true bird watcher, we have a once-in-a-life-time experience for you.



The “Martin Pescador” (King Fisher), is a popular trail, as it is easy to spot a large variety of birds. The trail begins bordering along the edges of the golf course, makes it easy to observe birds in their natural habitat. Bird watchers can find species such as the blue grosbeak, barred ant shrike, and a variety of hawk /falcon species. Continuing on towards the river mouth, clients have the opportunity to observe aquatic species such as herons, ducks, and king fishers.


The “Arbol Sagrado” (Sacred Tree) is a trail heading towards the north beach. Here, it is usually common to find parakeets, parrots, cuckoos, and trogons very typical of this habitat. This trail also gives you the opportunity to learn about some tree species, including the ceiba, a tree that is very important to many indigenous tribes and for many reasons is considered a “sacred tree”.