Modern Innovative Lifestyle Alternative at Gran Pacifica

    Preview of MILA Eco-Homes

MILA is both luxurious and eco-friendly, a stunning addition to the welcoming communities of Gran Pacifica. With homes “right-sized” for comfortable living without wasted spaces, MILA homes and yards provide you with the maximum value for your dollar. Hybrid solar systems come standard on your home and the neighborhood provides community-centric recreation and sustainable gardens and orchards for homeowners to grow their own produce. MILA enables residents to be self-reliant and maintain an inexpensive but luxurious lifestyle just a short walk from spectacular beaches.

Featuring both one and two-story homes, MILA is a modern, vibrant take on the eco-friendly home movement. Homes range from 1,100 ft2 to 1,400 ft2, in two and three bedroom models.

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The growing tourism market in Nicaragua attracts a variety of travelers who often return for a longer stay. Most visitors intentionally seek eco‑friendly alternatives that align with their desire to reduce their impact on the planet. With its modern, eco‑conscious vibe, MILA is the perfect alternative for these visitors.

With a significant increase in the number of digital nomads working from anywhere in the world, the need for rentals that fit their lifestyle and tastes has also grown. By offering both off-grid or hybrid power, access to high‑speed internet, an array of activities and ample space to both work and play, MILA is the ideal mini home community.

Live In Harmony With Nature

  • Smaller Footprint — A smaller design means smart, efficient use of space that leads to less clutter, less waste, a reduced carbon footprint – they all add up to less impact on the planet.
  • Hybrid Solar Systems — Smaller homes require less energy to operate, and MILA homes make sensible use of alternative energy options. Choose hybrid power or go off‑grid to power your mini home.
  • Gardens and Communal Orchards — Imagine growing your own organic fruits and vegetables! The self-sustainability options are endless in your new MILA community.



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