Your Life at Gran Pacifica Resort


The Reality of Affordable Luxury in Nicaragua

Thinking about moving to Latin America where you can stretch your dollar and enjoy life at a slower pace? Discover how you can change your reality by making your home at Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort where you can develop your own rhythms of life and enjoy relationships with your like-minded expat neighbors. Due to the lower cost of living you will be able to afford comforts and pastimes that aren't usually an option in North America. Check out our neighborhoods.

Cultural and Natural Tourism at a Stone's Throw from Home

Gran Pacifica is a great base for national and international tourism and cultural exploration in Central and South America. The Nicaraguan cities of Leon and Granada, both founded in 1524, are two of the oldest colonial cities in mainland America.

Nicaragua has an amazing range of natural attractions in a small area including the largest freshwater lake in the world, the San Juan River, 215 miles of Pacific Beach and 330 miles on the Atlantic, rain forest, cloud forest and volcanoes with wildly different micro climates and rich plant and animal life.

The Nicaraguan Climate – Imagine Living in Florida

Nicaragua has two seasons: dry and rainy. May through October is the rainy season, and December through April is the drier period. Everything is green during the rainy season where, like in Florida, it rains almost every day in the afternoon.

In Nicaragua's summer it never rains, which ensures long afternoons of sun at the beach or leisurely games of golf. The temperature is hot and dry and the landscapes change from lush green to dry brown.

These seasonal variations may be important to know about depending on what you are looking to do when you visit Nicaragua. Peak times are around the December holidays and other national holidays in April and August. Whether you like the warm, dry weather for surfing, sun bathing or golfing, or the lush green vegetation during the rainy season, Nicaragua offers a season for everyone. Just don't expect it to snow!

Easy Flights and Access to Nicaragua

There are direct flights to Managua from Miami (TACA and American Airlines), Houston (Continental Airlines), Atlanta (Delta Airlines), and Los Angeles (Delta Airlines). In addition, you can fly to another country in Central America and catch a flight to Managua from other countries in the region. It is becoming easier to get here every day.

Any time you come to visit Gran Pacifica, we are more than happy to arrange for transport to and from the airport, hotels, and the property.

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