Infrastructure: Getting The Basics Right


No matter how beautiful the sunset or how inviting the tropical sea, if a community does not have reliable infrastructure it is not a realistic choice for a holiday, let alone a long term stay.

Mindful of this, Gran Pacifica has made large investments in getting the basics right. Our behind the scenes infrastructure is world-class, and will quietly provide you with a comfortable environment to call home.

The Convenience You Expect


As much as you appreciate them, you want more than just the beauty of old fashioned paved streets, sidewalks and streetlights.

Our reliable water pressure means an enjoyable shower after a day at the beach. The underground electric fiber optic cable to every home means fast access to the internet, inexpensive phone calls home to the US and the rest of the world, and cable TV with major U.S. networks. Drinkable water means you don't have to keep your mouth closed when you are in the shower as you do in much of Central America.

Because of extensive forethought and planning, Gran Pacifica will deliver a quality of living that most North Americans take for granted. Dreams are great, but we want you to live in the real world, with real, high quality infrastructure.

Technological Excellence in Telecommunications

In 2006 Gran Pacifica Resort created its own private telecommunication company, Gran Pacifica Telecom, to provide fast communication services to its residents. By working with top level companies from the USA and Australia, this system will make Gran Pacifica, the first fiber-to-home project in Latin-American and one the most technological advanced residential and tourist projects in the world.

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