Help Them Help Themselves (HTHT) - Non Profit Charitable Foundation

Charitable FoundationHelp Them Help Themselves foundation is our own charity that focuses on the improvement of children’s lives in Nicaragua.  Those improvements are made through donations and volunteers who work with us to provide shelter, education and healthcare to the local kids in our community.

Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the Americas and we are based in the poorest municipality in Nicaragua.  So the need is great.

There are so many ways to help and we encourage you to join us in making a difference!  We have built homes for those without a place to live, built and support schools so kids can get an education, provide the means for many kids to go to post secondary education, create many micro-loans so local Nicaraguan entrepreneurs can start or build their own businesses and provide a life for their families, etc.

Our current focus is on a large project to create a medical and dental clinic for the local people.  There is an incredible need for health care and health education in the area and we are very excited about how big an impact a clinic will have for people who simply had no access to healthcare before!

To make these projects a reality we really need your support.  So please help in any way you can. It is very, very much appreciated and I promise you that every cent you give goes towards helping the children of Nicaragua that really need it!

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