World-Quality, Medical Care


Medical care in Nicaragua is so good that many American "medical tourists" fly to Managua just to go to the hospital. They do this because for a fraction of the price in the U.S. they have access to clean, efficient, and high-tech hospitals staffed by doctors who received their medical degrees from the United States before returning home to work.

Nicaraguan heath care is not just "adequate" it is better than what most Americans experience back home, with top level hospitals such as the Vivian Pellas Metropolitano Hospital in Managua.

The Vivian Pellas Metropolitan Hospital is internationally accredited by the U.S.-based Joint Commission International Accreditation in recognition of top standards for quality and service.

Private Healthcare At A Fraction of the U.S. Price

Of course, Vivian Pellas is not the only hospital with high standards of care. The Salud Integral, Hospital Bautista, and the Military Hospital are all serious options for those looking for healthcare.

Nicaraguan hospitals provide high levels of ongoing treatment, dental work, trauma care, maternity care, and plastic surgery all at a fraction of the price in the U.S.


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