Gran Pacifica Resort S.A. donates medical clinic to Villa el Carmen Communities

March 7th, 2016

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, Gran Pacifica Resort S.A. will build the Roberto Clemente Clinic III. This construction has a cost of more than US $80,000, and will provide free health services to the more than 2,000 residents of the communities of California, San Bartolo and San Diego, belonging to the municipality of Villa el Carmen, Nicaragua.

Michael Cobb, president of Gran Pacifica Resort, said the land where the clinic will be built has an area of over 6,500 sq.ft., and was donated by Gran Pacifica. The clinic will have a construction area of 1,500 sq.ft., and will consist of an emergency room, maternity services, waiting room, pharmacy, and dentist's office.

Mr. Cobb said, "Through our CSR program, Gran Pacifica Resort has decided to realize together with other partners the building of the community health clinic, which will be administered privately by specialized organizations.”

The clinic will address specific health needs such as prenatal care, treatment of kidney disease, respiratory problems, and fractures, among other ailments. For this purpose, Gran Pacifica Resort has teamed up with the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh, Rotary Club Tiscapa-Managua, Help Them Help Themselves (NGO), the local community, and the Municipality of Villa El Carmen.

Meanwhile, Denis Espinoza, mayor of Villa el Carmen, thanked representatives of Gran Pacifica Resort for donating the 6,500 sq.ft. of land that will house the clinic, which will ensure quality health care to the residents of the communities near the resort.

Gran Pacifica Resort S.A

Gran Pacifica Resort is a developer of beach communities that has operated in Nicaragua since 2000. It is located 1 hour from Managua in the municipality of Villa el Carmen. Gran Pacifica's property has an area of more than 2,500 acres, and over 3.5 miles of beachfront along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Currently, Gran Pacifica Resort is a tourist citadel of Spanish Colonial architecture with 300 residences, a golf course, and a hotel that can house up to 100 guests.

Gran Pacifica has invested more than $25 million in the development of a high-quality tourist destination, including underground utilities and the fastest fiber optic internet of any resort in Nicaragua. In addition, Gran Pacifica, in conjunction with Rotary International, USAID, the Nicaraguan government and other partners, has spent more than $1.5 million on social projects and infrastructures that benefit the community, including: 14 miles of power lines, maintenance of 7 miles of public road, a footbridge of 100 ft that allows children to attend school in rainy season, medical donations, local police donations, construction and renovation of 12 schools, job training, and other social programs.

For more information about Gran Pacifica Resort, please contact us at: or visit  Tel: 2254 7600 (Nicaragua), (786) 738-6038 (US)

Men who made Roberto Clemente Clinic III possible

Mayor of  Villa el Carmen and Directors of Gran Pacifica build a Community Clinic
(Left. to right Dr. Carl Ross, Professor of Nursing, Robert Morris University, Joel Nagel, Co-founder of Gran Pacifica, Michael Cobb, President of Gran Pacifica, Lic. Denis Espinoza, Mayor of Villa El Carmen,  & Patrick Hiebert, Director of Help Them Help Themselves

 $80,000 donation to Tiscapa Rotary Club
$80,000 donation from Gran Pacifica to Tiscapa Rotary Club to construct the health clinic

Guests at the Roberto Clemente Clinic III brick-laying ceremony
Guests at the Roberto Clemente Clinic III brick-laying ceremonyChildren of Villa el Carmen sing National Anthem

Children from Villa el Carmen sang the National Anthem
at the brick-laying event

laying the first bricks at Robert Clemente Clinic III

Laying of the first stone for the Roberto Clemente Clinic III
at Gran Pacifica Resort, which will provide free healthcare
to over 2,000 residents of surrounding communities.