Gran Pacifica Resort S.A. donates medical clinic to Villa El Carmen Communities

March 15th, 2016, Source: Bolsa de Noticias


On March 7th, 2016, Gran Pacifica Resort announced the construction of  the Roberto Clemente Clinic III, a community medical clinic that will benefit more than 2,000 inhabitants of the California, San Bartolo and San Diego communities that belong to the Villa El Carmen Municipality. The clinic will have a total cost of over U$80,000. Michael Cobb, President of Gran Pacifica Resort, indicated that the land for the clinic has an area of 608 m². In its initial stage, the clinic will have a constructed area of 140 m², and will have a lobby, drugstore, external diagnosis area, and odontology room. “Gran Pacifica Resort and its partners have decided to make the construction of the community medical clinic a reality. The clinic will be administered privately in association with specialized social organizations.” Click here to see the original article.