Why Tourism is on the Rise in Nicaragua

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If you have already been to Nicaragua, then you're in on the secret that this stunning nation in Central America is a jewel of a destination. Far cheaper than many of the traditional beach or jungle getaways, Nicaragua still boasts all the modern amenities that make travelers feel safe and comfortable when abroad.

There is a rich cultural heritage that makes Nicaragua unique as well as colonial architecture, a melting pot of ethnicities and some of the most exotic and delicious food imaginable.

When you get all of this at bargain prices, with the potential to extend your stay and scoop up the affordable real estate, it is easy to see why so many tourists want to spend time in Nicaragua.

Discover the many reasons that tourists are flocking to Nicaragua for their vacations as well as for retirement.

Foreign Investors See the Value of Nicaragua's Tourism Economy

It is not just travelers who are beginning to appreciate the potential that Nicaragua has to offer. Investors from around the world are choosing to invest heavily in things like real estate development, restaurants, hotels and more that all help to support and encourage the local tourism economy.

With better amenities and facilities, in turn, the number of travelers will continue to rise, helping to further encourage foreign investment.

Infrastructure Within Nicaragua is Expanding Rapidly

Some travelers come to Nicaragua primarily because the country is home to some of the world's most interesting and beautiful landmarks. These visitors, who come to surf on iconic beaches, tour volcanoes and explore colonial cities like Granada, are not necessarily concerned with the quality of the roads or the number of direct flights.

However, another category of travelers want those extra perks that make it feel safer and more like home. Growing infrastructure, which is comprised of everything from electricity in smaller villages to paved roads and more direct flights to the United States, can go a long way in encouraging visitors to fulfill their dream of a Central American getaway.

Social Media Brings Attention to Nicaragua's Beauty

Just 20 years ago, it was hard to imagine the beauty and availability of Nicaragua unless you had been there yourself or knew a travel agent who could recommend it.

Today, anyone with a smartphone or a laptop can browse the Internet and find information about the attractions of Nicaragua. Social media and online marketing have brought the world to every traveler.

As a result, visitors who compare Nicaragua to other travel hotspots can easily pick the beaches, volcanoes and culture over all else.

Budget Travelers Appreciate the Affordable Destination

It is important not to forget the fact that price is almost always a factor in choosing a vacation destination. With a stagnant economy in places like North America and Europe, many travelers are trying to save money when planning their annual getaways. 

Rather than cutting trips from the budget altogether, savvy travelers are looking for more affordable destinations. Thanks to the low cost of living in Nicaragua overall, travelers are often shocked to find out just how cheap it can be to spend a week or two on vacation there.

Tourism is unquestionably on the rise in Nicaragua. Although there is no single answer to the question of why, some of the contributing factors are the affordable cost of living, the rise of social media, growing infrastructure and increasing foreign investment into Nicaragua.

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