Why Condos at Playa Pacifica are the Ideal Investment Property

Posted by Adam McGeehan on Dec 4, 2015 11:55:02 AM

For years, Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort has been a premiere destination for North Americans looking to buy real estate in Nicaragua. This master-planned development offers all of the infrastructure and amenities that one would expect from a development in the States, something you won’t find in just any development in Nicaragua. The prices for lots or fully constructed properties are extremely affordable, especially compared to North American prices, yet there is no shortage of high-qualities amenities and services.

Being a successful and growing real estate development project, Gran Pacifica is always expanding. Take a trip through the property and you will see multiple houses being built at any given time. The latest, large-scale expansion of the Gran Pacifica brand is Playa Pacifica.


Playa Pacifica is a first-class condominium development. The structure will house 62 condominium residences. In additinon, it will feature 2,000 sq. ft. of retail space, an adjacent pool, a restaurant, a large public green space, direct access to the beach, as well as a second pool closer to the water. It is designed to be the ultimate experience for individuals, couples or families looking to spend some time at the beach. And here’s the best part: it is also designed to be the ultimate investment property for those who want to buy real estate in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has been described by many as the “new Costa Rica”. In the past few decades, Costa Rica has gone from relatively unknown to North Americans, to a premiere destination for buying real estate in Central America. However, as real estate goes, the increased interest in Costa Rica has driven up the price of land significantly, meaning that buying real estate in Costa Rica is out of reach for many. In addition, Costa Rican land prices are well into the appreciation curve, meaning that those who get land in Costa Rica now won’t see nearly as great of return on investment as those who bought several years ago.


Enter Nicaragua. Nicaragua is less known to North Americans as a vacation spot, but it is gaining traction every day. Land is still incredibly cheap, some of the cheapest in the region, but as the interest in Nicaragua grows, the land prices grow with it. Nicaragua’s slower pace of life, low cost of living, and beautiful landscapes are what draw many North Americans to this wonderful nation, and its low cost, high appreciation real estate options are what draw so many North Americans to want to buy real estate in Nicaragua.

Playa Pacifica is the ideal place to buy real estate in Nicaragua. The condos at Playa Pacifica are designed to be the ultimate rental property. Condominium style lodging is the most requested type of lodging for vacationers looking to spend a week or weekend at the beach. Ranging between 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums, all with full kitchens and living areas, the condominiums at Playa Pacifica are the best real estate to buy in Nicaragua for those looking to make a good return on their investment. When all is said and done, returns on condos at Playa Pacifica are projected close to double digits.

By purchasing a condo at Playa Pacifica, you will have a highly in-demand piece of rental property in an emerging real estate market. Couple that with all of the other amenities and advantages that owning property in Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort offers, and buying a condo at Playa Pacifica becomes an easy decision for anyone looking to make money in real estate in Central America.


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Adam McGeehan

Written by Adam McGeehan

Adam is a recent graduate of Allegheny College. There he majored in Economics with a minor in Spanish. He has always been interested in traveling abroad and is thrilled to have recently taken up residence in Managua, Nicaragua to work as an intern for ECI Development. He is excited to take in all of the culture of this wondrous nation.

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