Nicaragua Looks To Become A Destination For Executives

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Sep 3, 2013 11:53:04 AM

Golfing in NicaraguaGolf has long been a game played by businessmen looking to close on a big contract or meet new people. The nation of Nicaragua is looking to capitalize on that trend and increase the amount of tourist dollars being spent in the country each year.

One Round Of Golf Can Bring In As Much As $900

A single round of golf can bring in up to $900 thanks to all the extras available for sale. When you factor in the price of food, drinks and a caddy, the money adds up fast. Golfers may also be willing to splurge on golf balls, hats and other merchandise being sold at the course.

Golf Can Bring In New Business

Golf can be used as a bridge between business leaders in America and business leaders in Nicaragua. This helps both countries because the Americans gain a new market for their company while Nicaragua sees increased tourism and investment dollars. In time, this can contribute to the building of a stronger nation.

Come For The Golf, Stay For The Scenery

Those who love to play golf may come to the country to play a course that they have heard good things about. Claudia Silva, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Mukul Resort Hotel in Guacalito Island says "Golfers around the world are like surfers, where the fields they go just to have the experience." After playing a round of golf, tourists can then head to the pristine beaches and resorts located nearby. That is another opportunity for Nicaraguan business owners to cash in.

For those with business interests or who enjoy the game, golf in Nicaragua is a great way to meet new people and travel to exotic lands.

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