History's Effect on Nicaragua Real Estate Development

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Apr 11, 2013 4:31:36 PM

Although many older U.S. citizens and students of history remember hearing about Nicaragua's revolution and the Contras in a political context that was tempered by U.S. attitudes at the time, the country's modern economic recovery is the cornerstone of today's reality. Nicaragua is a thriving, stable political entity that draws on thousands of years of culture and a respect for the many natural resources the country is home to.

Surviving Natural Catastrophes

The capital city, Managua, has been inhabited since ancient times, but in 1972, a magnitude-6.2 earthquake that occurred directly beneath the city center caused widespread damage. This quake and the two 5.0 and 5.2-magnitude aftershocks that followed it killed or injured thousands, left a quarter of a million people homeless and destroyed about 80 percent of the city's commercial infrastructure. A week after the earthquake, only 10 percent of the city could access water services.

Revolution and Political Upheaval

After the earthquake, political disappointment over how the disaster was handled and other issues reached a breaking point. The Nicaraguan Revolution that resulted led to an 11-year civil war.

Prosperity out of Turmoil

The result of all these troubles was the development of an independent national attitude. While some countries fall into disarray after such events, the Nicaraguan people elected leaders who helped them rebuild and welcome foreign investments on fairer terms for everyone involved. Notable programs included years of successive literacy campaigns that increased education among the poor and more open policies towards international investments and monetary transparency.

Nicaragua always had a huge wealth of natural resources; such abundance was one of the reasons that foreign nations would do anything to protect their investments in the country. For modern Nicaragua real estate development investors, however, changes in the way the country cares for its populace and protects its natural resources with preserves and regulations means that this is becoming an ideal place to retire or start a businesses.

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