Why is Nicaraguan Tourism on the Rise?

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jul 24, 2014 9:45:26 AM

Nicaragua TourismYear after year, the number of visitors to Nicaragua increases. If you have visited Nicaragua before, then you're no stranger to the beauty, warmth and affordability of the country, but the question remains: What is causing the booming tourism industry in Nicaragua?

The following are just some of the biggest influences in this part of the economy, which will likely continue to grow and increase Nicaragua's presence on the global tourism stage.

Increasing Foreign Investors

Over the past decade, there has been a steady rise in the number and amount of foreign investments made in Nicaragua. Savvy investors are realizing that Nicaragua boasts a lot of untapped potential when it comes to development, profit, business and real estate.

Many of these foreign investors fall in love with Nicaragua, which boosts tourism with every visit. In addition, they often spread the word about this incredible destination to their friends and family, who might add places such as the Gran Pacifica Beach and Golf Resort to their next travel itinerary.

The Power of Social Media

Before the Internet was widely used around the world, any information you received about travel destinations came from a travel agent, a book or perhaps a television show. Today, the Internet provides unlimited information about vacation spots that are a little off the beaten track. If you are looking for a place to golf that boasts great weather, Nicaragua might pop up on your search engine.

As you "like" pictures of your friend on a gorgeous beach, you might uncover that the sandy shoreline is actually located in Nicaragua. Social media and the ubiquity of the Internet has done a lot for Nicaragua's tourism and its local businesses.

Increasing Infrastructure

Another big factor in the boom for Nicaragua's tourism is the rapidly improving infrastructure throughout the country. Several cities in America, including Miami and Houston, offer direct flights right to Nicaragua's capital city of Managua. From the modern airport to the improved roads and updated utility systems, travelers will enjoy comfort while in the country. This encourages repeat visitors, and it helps to attract a wealthier class of tourists who look for things including air-conditioned accommodation, golf courses and attractive outdoor pools.

Inexpensive Vacation Destination

Nicaragua is such a popular vacation destination in part because people are realizing just how much purchasing power they can have in the country. Everything from accommodation to dining out in restaurants to cocktails by the beach are cheaper than they might be in the United States or Europe, which makes it an easy choice for a traveler who is on a limited budget.

In recent years, tourism in Nicaragua has blossomed. This positive development has a lot to do with foreign investors, the rise of social media, the purchasing power in Nicaragua and the increasing infrastructure. Click here to learn more about the reasons behind Nicaragua's rising tourism economy.

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