The Mombacho Nature Reserve and Canopy Tour

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Mambacho Volcano Nicaragua

Nicaragua is known for its diverse terrain, its potential for outdoor adventure and its breathtaking scenery. If you want to combine all three into one epic day of thrills, there can be no better destination than the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve.

From hiking to sipping local coffee to soaring through the treetops of the rainforest canopy, a tour of this part of the country is the perfect way to make the most of Nicaragua's natural beauty.

All About the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve

The Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is one of the more than 60 protected destinations found in Nicaragua. Its highlight, as well as its namesake, is the Mombacho volcano, which is over 4,400 feet in elevation.

Mombacho is an extinct volcano, so there is no need to worry that any lava will appear. In fact, the volcano's last eruption was in 1570.

Along with being home to a stunning variety of wildlife, the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is a top place for hiking in Nicaragua. It is accessible from Granada, the nearest big city, but some unpaved roads lead most visitors to join a tour that departs from their accommodation or from the city center of Granada itself.

Amazing Wildlife in their Natural Habitats

One of the biggest reasons to visit the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is for the chance to spot local wildlife. Amazingly, there are some species that are only found in or near the reserve. With the help of an expert guide familiar with the flora and fauna of Mombacho, you can spot snakes, deer, monkeys, dozens of different bird species and even the incredibly rare Mombacho salamander.

This is all in addition to the many fascinating trees, flowers and other plants that call the cloud forest canopy home.

Adventure and Thrills Through Outdoor Recreation

On a guided tour, you can ride on a high-clearance vehicle up the steep side of the volcano, which is a rush in and of itself. However, those gearing up for a little more activity can also enjoy the great hikes throughout the nature reserve.

The El Puma Trail is a four-hour trek that requires a guide and is a seriously challenging tour of the volcano. An easier option might be the El Cráter Trail, which takes just 90 minutes for the average person.

A memorable part of the canopy tour is the chance to zipline through the lush greenery and enjoy amazing vistas of Lake Nicaragua and even the islets of Granada.

Benefits of a Tour

Although it is possible to explore Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve without a guide, joining a tour is often the best choice. You won't have to rely on your own vehicle or public transportation, and you don't have to worry about getting lost on the trails surrounding the volcanic crater.

Plus, a knowledgeable local guide will be able to point out the beautiful plants and animals that you might otherwise miss if you were hiking on your own.

Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve is one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in Nicaragua. A guided tour of the reserve can be the ultimate way to spend a day with friends or family.

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