Observations: Nicaragua is trying to change its image

Posted by Mike Cobb on Oct 18, 2011 9:50:06 AM

Another person pleasantly surprised by the realities of Nicaragua. Imagine that.  Here's what David Smith had to say on a week’s trip to Costa Rica:

"But, the most memorable part of our vacation was a day trip we took to Nicaragua. I never thought I would ever visit the country but when we learned it was possible, we did not hesitate." Â Full article here

Many hold old ideas of what Nicaragua is, visions left over from the 80's news coverage. You can take a look at an article that I refresh from time to time called, "The Perception Gap - Risk vs. the Perception of Risk and the Value of Doing Your Own Thinking." It makes a good case for why the gap between perception and reality is an information arbitrage situation. These are fortuitous events that don’t come often in life, and when seen as such can be profitable as well.

Read The Perception Gap here.


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