Nicaraguan Tourism Board partners with TACA

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 29, 2013 10:00:04 AM

Beach in NicaraguaNicaragua is looking to bump its tourism industry up a few notches. Recently, the Nicaragua Tourism Board partnered with TACA to ramp up its tourist numbers. TACA, a major Latin American airline, is a large entity on, one of the world’s most popular travel booking sites.

Nicaragua's Plan

According to Nicaraguan Minister of Tourism Mario Salinas, the formerly war-ravaged country has come a long way from its tortured past and wants to increase its national visibility by marketing its unique culture and natural beauty toward U.S. travelers. The goal for tourism in Nicaragua, said Salinas, it to establish Nicaragua as a key player in the tourism industry, particularly in the U.S. Salinas is hoping to take Nicaragua tourism to the top of the industry chain.

Proof in Numbers

Based on the original article from, tourism in Nicaragua enjoyed an 11.5% increase in tourists just during the first part of 2012. The article states that a million tourists flocked to Nicaragua in 2011 alone. Expedia Media Solutions Vice President Noah Tratt is on board with the partnership and hopes for favorable results from the collaboration. According to Tratt, the country and airline’s new alliance is an “exciting development” for all involved entities.

The Taca Plan

TACA plans to enhance its flight services for Nicaragua tourism by creating flights that are more accessible to future travelers. By expanding its operation base and streamlining serviceable flights, visitors will be able to get to specifically desired locations. This way, tourists have a greater selection of more direct routes without having to use several modes of transport to get to a destination.

Global Message

Globally, an increase of tourists sends a strong signal about tourism in Nicaragua. A jump in tourism is an astounding accomplishment for a country that once saw native Nicaraguans seeking political asylum from other countries during the Sandinista movement as recently as the 1980s. A million people opting to visit Nicaragua is an increasingly positive sign that it is a place to be — and not to flee. Nicaragua tourism numbers are on the rise and seem to have no plans of stopping in 2013.

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