Lake Managua Development Bears Fruit

Posted by Mike Cobb on Feb 18, 2015 9:04:24 AM

Wooden BoatJust a short time ago, the shore of Lake Managua was not a desirable location. As the government continues to invest in beautification and development projects, Lake Managua feels more and more like a destination akin to a bustling boardwalk.

Puerto Salvador Allende has grown to be a multicolored, restaurant-filled tourist and family destination complete with costumed characters for the kids, live music, and a variety of locations offering fresh seafood. Children laugh and play, and the brightly colored flags wave in the lakefront breeze.

Once you arrive you can start off with a lakeside walk down a well-maintained walkway complete with umbrella covered tables and charming viewpoints. Or you can stop right into one of the many outdoor restaurants for a bite. Many of the businesses have their own live music, and the varied style and décor of the establishments allow for repeat visitors to be entertained.

There is an expansive jetty that comes off the walkway, which you can use to take some splendid snapshots, or board the tour boat that docks there. The tours take you to various islands and picturesque locations in and around the lake, and have various decks depending on the kind of experience you are looking for.

While it is a family-friendly atmosphere, it also provides you your own space to enjoy what the location has to offer. That can be a sit-down meal in a well-adorned restaurant, a look at various local crafts on sale, or just quiet reflection as you listen to the waves against the rocks.

Puerto Salvador Allende is becoming one of the top spots in Nicaragua. It has such a plethora of breathtaking features, and is definitely recommend for a visit if you find yourself in Managua. Having the option to frequent the breezy and increasingly attractive coast of Lake Managua just minutes from the city center is a pleasure that any tourist or resident of Managua should enjoy.

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Written by Mike Cobb

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