Exploring the Rise of Tourism in Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Oct 1, 2013 8:51:31 AM

Tourism in NicaraguaUp until just a few years ago, Nicaragua was the hidden jewel of tourism in Central America. It was frequented primarily by adventurers, backpackers on a serious budget and those who were after the pristine beaches not yet disturbed by visitors from around the world.

Over the past decade, however, word has gotten out about the incredible beauty of the country, the impressively low cost of living and the world-class white sand beaches. Take a closer look and see how and why tourism in Nicaragua continues to grow.

Government Infrastructure Efforts

One of the biggest contributing factors to the growth of the tourism industry in Nicaragua is the effort of the government. They have been investing large amounts of money into the local country's infrastructure, which goes a long way in attracting tourists, developers and businesses of all types. Roads are being improved, the utility systems are more reliable than ever and safety is a big priority for local governments as well.

Word of Mouth in an Increasingly Global World

It is important not to discount how much visitors themselves contribute to the rising tourism in Nicaragua. Thanks to the popularity of social networks and online review websites, those who have a great time in Nicaragua are eager to share their stories. People from around the world see the breathtaking photographs, read about the delicious cuisine and become eager to book their own vacation to this tropical paradise.

Low Cost of Dining, Travel and Accommodation

While most people would love to enjoy frequent vacations in exotic locations, budget is often a limiting factor. However, Nicaragua's affordable cost of living is definitely a big reason for the rise in tourism. Travelers are able to pay for a week of accommodations, meals and transport for much less than a single day spent in cities like Paris or Hong Kong.

Global Investments and Real Estate Interest

It is often the case that global investment and rising tourism go hand in hand, and Nicaragua is definitely no exception to the rule. As more and more people travel to Nicaragua and see how beautiful the country is, they are tempted to start businesses within the borders or even purchase property for rentals or development.

There is no question that the tourism industry is rapidly rising in Nicaragua due to several contributing factors. To learn more about how infrastructure, tourism and investments are on the rise in Nicaragua, click here.

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