Cheap Flights from Toronto to Managua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Mar 2, 2015 3:30:42 PM

GolferSick of that Polar Vortex? Sub-freezing temperatures getting you down? If you’re near Toronto, you’re in luck! US Airways is offering remarkably cheap flights from Toronto to Managua, and now is your chance to take advantage.

Round trip is available as low as $365 USD, and the value of that ticket is so much greater than just the cheap flight from Toronto to Nicaragua.

Compare Temperatures and You'll Make the Right Choice

As of this writing, Toronto’s temperature is 12oF (-11oC) with wind chill dropping the temps by another fifteen degrees or so. At a steady 86oF (30oC), Managua is a huge jump up from the temperatures in Toronto. Wind chill?

In Nicaragua, that translates to a pleasant breeze off the lake or ocean. Just a few short hours away from the frozen ground in Canada are the beautiful beaches and sunny colonial towns of Nicaragua.

Imagine boarding the plane in your parka after buying a cheap flight from Toronto to Nicaragua, and then within hours hitting golf balls Oceanside in short sleeves. This could be your reality in just a few weeks, as US Airways has put this trip within easier reach than ever. While you may not get these prices when trying to book within the next week or so, plan a month ahead and you’ll be ready for your Central American vacation at a steal of a price.

Fly to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport

Once you arrive at Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua, you will have a few options. The colonial city of Granada is just 45 short minutes away, and there you can take a tour of Lake Nicaragua’s volcanic islands or choose to just stroll the historic streets and plazas. If you decide to stay in Managua, the hotel district and center of the city’s nightlife is only a 20-minute drive.

Head for the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua

After defrosting in Managua for the night, head due west for about an hour and you’ll arrive at the beautiful Pacific coast of Nicaragua. With its volcanic sand beaches and spectacular sunsets, this experience never lets you down. At Gran Pacifica, you can enjoy that sunset while dining at our beachfront restaurant, relaxing on the balcony of your beachfront condo, or just strolling along our 3.5 miles of beach.

If you’re tired of waiting for summer to bust out the golf clubs, enjoy a round on our one-of-a-kind golf course that plays into, along, and away from the ocean.

These cheap flights from Toronto to Nicaragua won’t last forever, but this winter seems like it just might. Rather than suffer through the bitter cold each morning, spend those mornings taking in the ocean breeze and soaking up the sun. Inspired to take US Airways up on its stellar offer?

Contact Gran Pacifica and we can help you arrange your accommodations, as well as provide you all the information you need on attractions and services available in Nicaragua.

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