Some of the Most Interesting Places in Nicaragua

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Interesting Places in NicaraguaWith a location between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, it is hardly surprising that people from across the globe flock to Nicaragua to retire, to live and just for quick getaways. The Central American nation boasts vibrant cities, stunning beaches and a fascinating culture, and there is no shortage of things to do, see and explore.

If you choose to make your home base the Gran Pacific Beach and Golf Resort, you can have access to the most interesting places in Nicaragua.

Unique Culture of Bluefields

This incredible community on the Caribbean coast is best known for being an interesting blend of cultures and ethnicities. Creole is spoken rather than Spanish, and it can feel like you are visiting an entirely different county despite being just a short distance from the capital.

The month-long festival entitled Palo de Mayo, which takes place during the month of May, is the best time to visit.

Sea Turtles at Poneloya

Poneloya is a small coastal community that is just a short drive from the city of León. It is best known for being home to large groups of sea turtles who venture onshore to lay their eggs. You can walk along the coast at night and watch the turtles by the light of the moon.

Little Corn Island

This island is actually located away from the Nicaraguan mainland, but it is still a part of the nation. However, it was colonized by the British, and residents speak English as well as Spanish. Little Corn Island is one of the most interesting places in Nicaragua thanks to its seclusion, its unusual heritage and its eco-friendly atmosphere.

Laguna de Apoyo

The name Laguna de Apoyo makes this destination sound like a scenic body of water by the sea. Although it is certainly beautiful, the lagoon is actually located right in the crater of an inactive volcano. You can swim, walk around the lagoon and dine at local restaurants overlooking the water, but it is hard to forget that you are in the heart of an actual volcano.

Volcan Masaya

This is one of the few active volcanoes in the world that you can explore. Take a tour through the underground caves, watch the smoke rise from the flowing lava and be amazed at this breathtaking natural attraction in Nicaragua.

From volcanoes to isolated beaches, Nicaragua is full of interesting destinations. Click here to uncover some other popular tours and trips from the Gran Pacifica.

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