Running in Nicaragua – The Carrera Verde 2012

Posted by Mike Cobb on May 15, 2012 9:55:22 AM

The Carrera Verde translates into the “Green Race” and over 1600 people showed up to run a 5K Race in Managua this past Sunday. This Activity will allow the reforestation of Reserva Natura with about 6 thousand trees to be planted this June.

It’s amazing that I’d run into so many people I knew, but there were Jack and Margaret Griffin, Andy and Gloria Tassy, a bunch of US Embassy and AID folks, and a variety of people I see around town.  It was a festive atmosphere prior to the race as people stretched and ran in place to get ready. Emily and I did not participate in the “warm up” part of the routine. Instead we chatted with our friends and got ready to walk the 5K.

The race began at 6:30am “Punto” which means on the dot. And it did. There was the fast group expected to finish in 20 minutes and our group which was a 40 minute group. Emily and I took our time and actually did some running, starting out in front of the Gallerias Mall, and running up the hill to the Stop and Go, which was almost the half way point, but right before we walked a huge hill.  At the top of the hill the firemen had the fire hose and Emily and I showered in some cool water before trekking on, down the hill and a sprint across the finish line. Emily had run “and walked” her first 5K Race. If you are a runner and plan to be living in Nicaragua, check out the website for the largest runners club in Nicaragua,


Activities in Nicaragua – Too Many Actually

Later that day Emily and I headed back over to the mall to visit the “Fun Zone. But right after the race we went to the First Communion of a good friend, Laura and then to a party at their home.  Our lives are incredibly full of activities in Nicaragua and there is never a shortage of fun things to do. For anyone thinking of owning property in Nicaragua, be sure to imagine yourself with as full a schedule as you’d like.


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