Interesting Places In Nicaragua That Everyone Should See

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The country of Nicaragua is getting more and more tourism every year. It is quickly becoming the next place to travel to and explore. There are resorts that rival the best in the world, such as the Gran Pacifica, and some of the oldest places that mankind has walked upon are within this mysterious country. Here are a few places in the country of Nicaragua that no one should go without seeing.

The Masaya National Park

This is one of the most interesting places in Nicaragua. There is no denying that an active volcano is something that everyone should see at once in their lifetime. Seeing an active volcano in Nicaragua is something even more special. This national park is one of the most magnificent places on the entire planet. It is amazing how several people can go together as a group to a sight such as this and the moment they see the view that lies before them, they become a group of individuals. Each one isolated in their own universe, just them and the wonder of nature.

Mombacho Natural Reserve

This majestic area holds two wonderful things for people to do. They can simply visit and tour the reserve, seeing the magical animals of Nicaragua as they can only be seen in nature. The other option is the take the canopy tour, a motorized tour through the reserve that gets even closer to the animals than anyone would ever think was possible. Anyone on vacation from a big city will be amazed at how the jungle sounds can almost be as loud as a large bustling city.

Gran Pacifica Resort

This is one of the crown jewels of the Nicaraguan tourist spots. While there is much to see in the country of Nicaragua, the Gran Pacifica Resort is a great place to make the headquarters for a sightseeing expedition. The resort has all the amenities that anyone could ever desire and is within walking distance of the beach. You can check some of them out here: This is a great place to stay and relax while planning the various other places that the vacation will include.

Leon City

This was the previous capital city of Nicaragua and is easily one of the most interesting places in Nicaragua, if not in the world. Leon City is still the capital of culture in Nicaragua. The Galeria Ortiz Gurdian is one of the most amazing art galleries that a person could ever see and is considered the premier art gallery for all of Central America. The Metropolitan Cathedral is also an amazing sight to see, it was built in the year 1747.

Managua City

Managua City is interesting for a few reasons. Of course, it is the capital of Nicaragua, which makes it a stop on any good trip through Nicaragua. Adding to the interest level is the fact that the city was near destroyed in 1972 by an earthquake. The city is almost rebuilt, but every once in a while, a turn around a corner will unveil a half destroyed and half rebuilt building. It is a sight that will stop the heart in its beauty and its unbound history.

There are so many interesting places in Nicaragua that it would take a lifetime to fully explore. The history mixed with the deep dark jungle and a little modern architecture added make for a romantic and alluring country that no one will ever forget having visited. No one should ever pass up a chance to see Nicaragua, there is nothing like it in the world.

Gran Pacifica

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