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Nicaragua is the largest country located in Central America on the coastlines of the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is to the southeast and Honduras to the northwest of this beautiful kingdom. Managua is its capital, with one quarter of the nation’s population.

Weather in Nicaragua

There are high and lowlands in Nicaragua, and the weather can vary on both. November through April presents very hot weather in the lowlands with potential heavy downpours during May through October. The highlands in the mountainous regions are cooler and cloudier. Nicaragua has suffered an occasional hurricane, causing past damage. The Pacific coast has been faced with volcanoes, making some beautiful landscaping.

Nicaragua Beaches

Nicaragua was not known as a tourist hot spot in Central America in the past. However, recent trends suggest this tropical spot to be a major tourist destination in recent years. Popularity has grown by 15 to 20 per cent annually. One of the reasons for this popularity is the extraordinary and beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, along with the warm sun, sand and the sea. Nicaragua offers rich beauty, swinging nightlife and extraordinary history. Aside from the gorgeous beaches and coastline, tourists hang out in the colonial cities of Leon and Granada in the mountainous region of Matagalpa to learn all the history of this country.

The Pacific coastline of Nicaragua gained its recent popularity as a top-notch vacation destination because of the beautiful beaches. Each beach offers its own unique characteristics and attractiveness. Some of the beaches are rocky and rugged with high waves of extreme currents while others are glorified with white sands and calm currents. Several beaches are popular with visitors and tourists while others are untouched by man and rarely visited. These beaches tend to be unspoiled due to residue of a volcanic chain.

San Juan del Sur

One of the most popular beaches on the Pacific coast is known as the San Juan del Sur, and is frequented by residents and tourists alike. San Juan del Sur beach is located about two hours from the capital of Managua in a perfect U-shape along the coastline. Not only is this area known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, it is famous for scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and fishing.

LaFlor Nature Reserve

LaFlor Nature Reserve beach is a more natural environment, known as the nesting ground for the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtle. This is an annual event and many come from around the world just to witness baby turtles come out of their eggs and find their way out to sea.

Playa Maderas & Marsella

Playa Maderas and Marsella are two great beaches up the coast of the San Juan del Sur beach. They are both great destinations for surf lovers, and are known for their great swells and point breaks. These beaches offer some of the greatest waves with top ranking. Nicaragua is experiencing a larger popularity with surfers from around the world. Other popular beaches in Nicaragua are the Tola and Majagual for their tranquility and beautify.

Gran Pacifica resort in Nicaragua can offer you comfort and luxuries, making you feel at home during your visit to this beautiful country. Gran Pacifica has many types of accommodations to own or rent and lies on the pacific coast with an endless variety of sea. Gran Pacifica offers miles of private beach with natural glamour and beauty. They offer you many amenities that include the beautiful beaches, touring nearby cities, horseback riding and more.

Nicaragua has much to offer at reasonable cost to the tourists. This is becoming more popular over the years with more bars, restaurants, discotheques and hotels opening regularly. While enjoying its beauty, nature and history, you can feel a sense of relaxation and contentment while taking in all that Nicaragua has to offer.

Gran Pacifica

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