A Fantastic Ropes Course in Managua

Posted by Mike Cobb on Oct 14, 2011 11:15:34 AM

My oldest daughter, Amanda, decided to have an adventure of sorts for her 11th birthday last month. Instead of a pajama party, or a pool party, she decided to take a few friends and their parents to the Ropes Course at Pueblo Viejo, a corporate retreat center located high in the hills above Managua. It had been a while since I had been there and I had not ever seen the ropes course so when my wife and Amanda came back from checking it out, their enthusiasm was overwhelming. We booked the day there for climbing, team building, swimming and lunch.


The first course is a set of telephone poles with 2 levels of traverse, including 4 types of tightrope and 2 balance beams all set between 20 and 40 feet off the ground. The pictures below do a better job than I can with words. Â It's fairly simple and straightforward, but proves to be a good test of physical strength and psychological stress. Way cool and loads of fun. They also have a teeter-totter kind of thing for the large group and a great climbing wall. Check out the photos below and if you have some time in Managua and want a fun challenge, consider a day in the hills on the ropes.


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Written by Mike Cobb

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