5 Safety Tips for Travel in the Capital City of Managua, Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on Jan 27, 2015 3:52:17 PM

Managua NicaraguaManagua, the capital city of Nicaragua, is an exciting urban destination filled with landmarks and attractions. No visit would be complete without sampling some of the amazing local cuisine, admiring the fountain in the Ruben Darío Rotonda or celebrating the peace and history at the Parque de la Paz.

Many travelers as well as full-time residents in Nicaragua are concerned for their safety when spending time in Managua. Although Nicaragua boasts some of the lowest crime rates in all of Central America, these tips can help you feel more at ease when visiting the capital city.

1. Avoid Traveling Alone After Dark

Just like you would in any new city, it is recommended that solo travelers avoid wandering alone after dark. The city is a safe place to explore during the day on your own, and even at night most areas are fine.

However, it is always better to err on the side of caution, particularly if you are venturing away from major tourism landmarks, hotels and restaurants.

2. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Wherever you happen to be in the world, showing off valuables only encourages theft. When you're sightseeing or doing business in Managua, don't broadcast that you have valuables with you.

If you're a married or engaged woman, for example, you may not want to draw attention to your engagement ring. A man, on the other hand, may want to trade his Rolex watch for something less flashy. While not always necessary, these small actions can ensure that your valuable belongings remain secure.

3. Don't Take Pictures of Military Installations

As you wander through the streets of Managua, you might notice the word "Prohibido" on occasion. As you might guess, that words means that everyday citizens are prohibited from entering the location. However, it is also an indication that no pictures are allowed.

There are a couple of locations in Managua, such as the National Naval Headquarters, that look interesting and perhaps worthy of a picture. However, if you see that Prohibido sign, it is best not to take a photo lest you find yourself paying a steep fine for doing so.

4. Avoid Political Demonstrations in the City

Managua is a vibrant, bustling city, and you'll come across all kinds of demonstrations, public events and gatherings throughout. The overwhelming majority of these gatherings are a great glimpse into the local culture and heritage, but it is best to steer clear of political demonstrations. There is a greater chance that attendees are prone to violence, and it may be possible that the police arrive to monitor the event.

5. Only Travel in Authorized Taxis

Whenever possible, travel to and from Managua in a taxi or shuttle arranged by your place of residence or by resort staff. If you must take a local taxi, ensure that it is authorized. On the right hand side of the front mirror, there should be a picture ID of the driver to highlight that they are authorized.

Although Nicaragua boasts some of the safest destinations in Central America, it is still best to exercise caution by utilizing these safety tips when traveling in or through the capital city of Managua.

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