Nicaragua is One of the Best Emerging Travel Destinations of 2014


Posted on 13. Mar, 2014 by Gran Pacifica

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5 Reasons to Consider Nicaragua Vacation Rentals


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Explore Interesting Places in Nicaragua


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Granada is the Go-To Destination in Nicaragua


Posted on 26. Feb, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

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Learn About Managua Nicaragua


Posted on 24. Sep, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Managua Nicaragua is situated on the southern shore of Lake Managua. It has a population of about 2.2 million people and is the capital of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua: A Modern Paradise, Historically Relevant


Posted on 18. Sep, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

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Discover the Beauty of Nicaragua During Your Vacation


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Live like a Local with Nicaragua Vacation Rentals


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Finding the Right Accommodations for a Nicaragua Vacation


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