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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Nicaragua


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Top 6 Things To Know Before Visiting Nicaragua


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Calibre Mining Announces Drilling Program


Posted on 21. Sep, 2017 by Gran Pacifica

Mining of the Primavera Gold-Copper Porphyry Deposit in Northeast Nicaragua was announced in late July by Calibre Mining Corporation. ... Continue Reading

Chair the Love


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Miss Earth International Pageant Visits Gran Pacifica Resort


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Gran Pacifica Staff at Miss Nicaragua 2017 Contest


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Gran Pacifica One Stop Along the Journey for Cycling Group


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Help Save the Turtles!


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Gran Pacifica is committed to helping the environment. There are many programs put into place to achieve this goal. For one thing, “black water” is treated and then ... Continue Reading

Gran Pacifica Continues Its Mission of Giving Back


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Once again, Gran Pacifica is continuing to support projects that give back to the local community. The recent groundbreaking of the Roberto Clemente Clinic III is ... Continue Reading

Gran Pacifica Ranked as One of Nicaragua's Top Brands


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Grupo Cerca has presented the first edition of their prestigious award of Topbrands in ... Continue Reading

Meet the Gran Pacifica Consular Warden


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It’s always important to know the resources available in the event of an emergency and to know there is a strong network of support in place. Here at Gran Pacifica, ... Continue Reading

Miss Mundo Nicaragua at Gran Pacifica - Tune In!


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Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2016, an exciting and much-watched event, kicked off its filming at Gran Pacifica with Miss Mundo Nicaragua: Boot Camp. Over the ... Continue Reading

Independence Day Parade in Villa el Carmen


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Here is a peek at the Independence Day Parade in Villa el Carmen, on route to our beautiful, Gran Pacifica property. In it you'll see kids of all ages and local ... Continue Reading