Adventures in Nicaragua: Somoto Canyon


Posted on 27. Sep, 2016 by Adam McGeehan

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Adventures in Nicaragua: Ometepe Island


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Nicaragua is a land of immense natural beauty. It features jungles, forests, hills, flatlands, volcanoes, lakes and, of course, many, many beaches. For those ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua’s Stunning Cloud Forests


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Exploring Nicaragua's Volcanoes


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Volcanoes, who doesn’t love them?  They're arguably some of the most interesting geological structures on the planet. For many, volcanoes are a fairly ... Continue Reading

How to Enjoy Seeing Volcanoes in Nicaragua


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Explore the Attractions of the Nicaraguan Rainforest


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Get to Know the Incredible Natural Attractions of Nicaragua


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Orchids in Nicaragua


Posted on 18. May, 2015 by Mike Cobb

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Discover the Beaches in Nicaragua


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Explore the Wonder of Nicaragua's Unspoiled Beaches


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Discover Some of the Most Unforgettable and Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua


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Sink Your Feet into the Unspoiled Beach at the Gran Pacifica Resort


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Uncover the Top 5 Beaches in Nicaragua


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Some of the Most Interesting Places in Nicaragua


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The Siren Call of Nicaragua's Beaches


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