Gran Pacifica In Nicaragua Is the Next Great Investment


Posted on 06. Nov, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

The Gran Pacifica resort in Nicaragua is one of the best golf and beach resorts in the world and it is quickly growing. The country of Nicaragua has two long coasts that have Continue Reading

Nicaraguan Economy is Experiencing Steady Growth


Posted on 01. Nov, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

In 2011, the estimated gross domestic product (GDP) of Nicaragua was $7.08 billion. The per capita GDP of Nicaragua was $1,202 in 2011. The country is the second best country in Central America ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua - a Vacation that Can Turn into an Investment


Posted on 23. Oct, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua lies in the southern portion of Central America. This area is just north of Costa Rica. On both the eastern and western borders there are long expanses of coast line that have some of ... Continue Reading

Nicaraguan Infrastructure Is Becoming Stronger Every Day


Posted on 04. Oct, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

The infrastructure of the country of Nicaragua has seen a great deal of improvement over the past several decades. Any country can most likely say the same, but there have been roadblocks to the ... Continue Reading

How Is the Economy in Nicaragua?


Posted on 11. Sep, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Many people from North America and Europe are taking the plunge and immigrating to various parts of Central America in an attempt to take advantage of the lower cost of living in many of these ... Continue Reading

The New Nicaraguan Marketplace


Posted on 28. Aug, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

A bitter civil war, natural disasters and other problems certainly took their toll on Continue Reading

Advice for Investing in Nicaragua Real Estate


Posted on 22. Jun, 2012 by Mike Cobb

An increasing number of people want to invest in property outside of the United States. Central American real estate is typically much ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua Business and Economy: A Phoenix Rising


Posted on 09. Apr, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

The main business of Nicaragua continues to be the export of renewable product. The world is always ready to buy items such as coffee, bananas, sugarcane, shrimp, ... Continue Reading

Forms for U.S. Citizens Living Overseas


Posted on 29. Mar, 2012 by Mike Cobb

New rules for U.S. Citizens are going to have serious impact for people starting this year. Now in addition to the FBAR - TDF-90.2 form that U.S. citizens must file ... Continue Reading

Interview with Tim Rogers, Nica Dispatch


Posted on 06. Mar, 2012 by Mike Cobb

Tune into the Overseas Radio Network tonight when I interview Tim Rogers, founder of the Continue Reading

Textile Industry, in favor of Central America


Posted on 26. Jan, 2012 by Mike Cobb

As with most things in business, there are cycles and right now it looks like the cycle for textile manufacturing is swinging back in favor of Central America. ... Continue Reading

Nicaraguan Export Figures Reach New Record During 2011


Posted on 18. Jan, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

The Center for Export Procedures (CETREX, for its acronym in Spanish) recently stated in a preliminary report that Nicaraguan exports reached US$2,130.3 million in the ... Continue Reading

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Posted on 10. Jan, 2012 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua Leads Central American for GDP Growth


Posted on 18. Oct, 2011 by Mike Cobb

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently confirmed that Nicaragua’s economy will grow by approximately 4.0 percent in 2011, information also confirmed by ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua continues to push forward with Green Energy alternatives


Posted on 20. Sep, 2011 by Mike Cobb

As you can see from the article below, Nicaragua continues to push forward with Green Energy alternatives. There exists already 40 MW of installed wind power and the ... Continue Reading