Why Nicaragua Vacation Rentals Beat Hotels Every Time


Posted on 13. Aug, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Surprising Reasons to Consider Investing in Nicaragua


Posted on 08. Aug, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

When most people think of investing in Nicaragua, they might picture commercial development or even a secluded vacation home by the beach.

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Nicaragua Infrastructure Gets Billions Worth of Boosts


Posted on 23. Jul, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

One of the first things Americans relocating or ... Continue Reading

A Snapshot of the Nicaraguan Economy in 2013


Posted on 20. Jun, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Agricultural products are staples of the Nicaraguan economy. Chief commodities include shrimp, beef, lobster, sugar, tobacco and coffee. Gold is another significant ... Continue Reading

Improvement to the Access Road to Gran Pacifica / Mejoras al Camino de Acceso


Posted on 18. Jun, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Gran Pacifica would like to thank the Mayor of Villa el Carmen, Denis Espinoza and the MTI for their work improving the public road to ... Continue Reading

Discover the Many Benefits of Investing in Nicaragua


Posted on 16. May, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Whether you are investing in gold or ... Continue Reading

Why Nicaragua's Rebound Still Holds Promise for Investors


Posted on 18. Apr, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Some countries that experience major social and economic transitional periods never quite recover from them. The emotional and cultural marks of such events leave ... Continue Reading

Managua ranks 3rd in the Americas for Foreign Investment


Posted on 12. Apr, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

If you are considering an investment in Latin America and you don’t put Nicaragua on your list to check out, you are letting other people do your thinking for ... Continue Reading

Investing in Nicaragua is Increasing


Posted on 04. Apr, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Perhaps the greatest draw to Nicaragua is the cost of living. Nicaragua investments can go further because the real estate is considerably more affordable than properties throughout the United ... Continue Reading

Gran Pacifica and Nicaraguan Businesses Work Together


Posted on 19. Mar, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Those that are interested in doing business in Nicaragua have a good reason to be. There are economic changes in the country of Nicaragua that are bringing in ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua Vacation Rentals Can Pay For Themselves


Posted on 07. Mar, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Finding accommodations in Nicaragua is simple. Every year, more hotels and resorts are built as the country embraces its new-found jump in tourism rates. When you ... Continue Reading

Invest In Nicaragua Property Before It's Too Late


Posted on 12. Feb, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua is currently experiencing a tourist boom. ... Continue Reading

Nicaragua Will Bring Online The Country's Largest Solar Plant


Posted on 11. Feb, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua takes another giant step in Continue Reading

Gran Pacifica and the Nicaraguan Economy


Posted on 31. Jan, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Nicaragua has consistently become a popular destination for business travelers and tourists as well. After the Nicaraguan Revolution in the 1980s, tourism quickly ... Continue Reading

U.S. Trade Mission Opening Doors to Nicaraguan Exports


Posted on 08. Jan, 2013 by Gran Pacifica

Multiple organizations are coming together as representatives from U.S. retailers and service firms like Walmart, Farm Fresh, Cardenas & Stephen and others travel to Nicaragua.

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