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Posted by Jennifer Evans on Apr 12, 2021 9:33:16 AM

Contemplating retirement can bring many questions, such as the balance between comfort and cost of living, healthcare, and perhaps even the possibilities of investing. Yet, the dream to spend your 'golden years' relaxing on a sandy beach, surrounded by jaw-dropping views and a warm, soothing climate, might be closer to your reach than ever with your upcoming retirement. Nicaragua is one of the most enticing retirement spots in the world for many reasons. It's the safest country in Central America, the cost of living is low, and the investment opportunities in the real estate market are plentiful. This, intertwined with the welcoming, rich local culture and captivating sights, are great reasons to retire in Nicaragua.  

Colorful colonial-style architecture in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers a plethora of beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque colonial-style architecture.


An Ideal Spot For International Retiring  

In recent years, Nicaragua has quickly climbed the ladder to become a prime destination for retiring ex-pats. It's an ideal place for those who feel young at heart and seek to create their ideal retirement. Fun, exciting, and colorful, Nicaragua is heaven on earth for retirees who welcome adventures in their life and are in the spirit of exploring instead of spending their days in front of the TV. Apart from the broad spectrum of pleasant activities, there are numerous pragmatic reasons to retire in the land of lakes and volcanoes. Nicaragua’s delightful retiree program offers numerous benefits. The following are some of the advantages you can enjoy as a foreign retiree: 

  • Pay no taxes on out of the country income 
  • A generous $20 000 duty-free allowance on the value of imported household goods  
  • Sales tax exemptions on home construction materials for the first $50 000 
  • You can open a bank account, get a local phone plan, buy things on credit, and much more!  

Take these points and combine them with the country's stunning coastline, beautiful mountains, and vivid colonial cities for the perfect recipe for a retirement destination. Moreover, to enjoy all this, you only need to be over 45 years old and have a monthly income of $600 at a minimum. 

This friendly retiree residency program is one of the top reasons why so many US retirees choose to embark on a journey of international moving. With a reliable moving company, they can schedule a simple transfer from the US, and enjoy the best years of their life, free of care. 

A volcano in NicaraguaEnjoy numerous retiree incentives, as well as splendid views throughout Nicaragua. 


The Cost Of Living 

The great real estate investment opportunities, affordable housing, low property taxes, and essential monthly expenses account for Nicaragua's appeal as a premier retirement spot. It provides high quality of life for a fraction of what you're paying in the US. In fact, with Nicaragua in mind, it's possible to retire 10 or even 15 years earlier than you've planned. With one of the lowest costs of living in the Americas, living your ‘golden years’ in Nicaragua might be a dream come true. This land of mesmerizing beauty and affordable prices provides a quality, stress-free and happy life to those who call it home. In addition to enjoying great retiree incentives, it's very easy to start a business, as well. 


Quality And Affordable Real Estate 

Unsurprisingly, one of the many top reasons to retire in Nicaragua is the real estate market and the attractive investment opportunities. The country has recently become the region's best value in terms of property purchase. The pristine beaches, diverse landscape, and authentic Old-World charm reflected in the culture and the architecture of this Central American gem is what attracts foreign buyers. The developing infrastructure, political stability, and low crime rate are also significant factors supporting the high interest in Nicaragua's real estate market. And the property prices are unmatched, considering the quality you get. Here is an example to illustrate this: fabulous condos in prime locations with ocean views can be purchased for under $100 000. For those more into a house type of property, upscale mansions with a 240-degree ocean view can be purchased at affordable rates too. Renting prices are also more than ideal. A fully furnished apartment with excellent amenities and within a minute's walk from the beach typically costs between $400 and $500 a month.  

Houses on the beach The real estate in Nicaragua features a wide variety of properties at affordable prices. 


Excellent Healthcare System 

Without a doubt, the healthcare Nicaragua offers is reliable and of good quality. Several highly specialized healthcare centers and private clinics across the country provide excellent services at modest prices. There isn't healthcare insurance like the one in the US. However, some hospitals do offer programs that work just like that. Additionally, there's the option to choose from various packages that provide specific benefits in terms of discounts. The costs of these packages vary but are mainly determined based on age and pre-existing conditions. For the record, the general monthly rates for a person aged 41-50 are $50. For those aged 51 to 65, it's $61. And those above 65 can expect to pay $65 per month. The comprehensive and affordable healthcare system is a prominent factor among the top reasons to retire in Nicaragua. For additional security and peace of mind, many retiree ex-pats who have made their residential move to Nicaragua already recommend purchasing MedEvac insurance. It costs about $250 per year, and it ensures you'll be transported by jet to a hospital in Houston or Miami in case of an emergency.  



While the import or purchase of a vehicle in Nicaragua comes with an appealing duty and tax exemption, you actually may not need a car. Namely, it's cheaper and more efficient to hire a driver. It costs less than $1 for a 30-miles drive. Walking around is easy, as the distances between places of interest within a particular location aren't long. In fact, most ex-pat retirees don't own a car; they either rent when needed or enjoy the brief walks. In Nicaragua, the most common form of private transport is bicycles. If you happen to enjoy cycling as an activity, you'll surely appreciate the smooth roads.  

A senior woman on a bike Bikes are prevalent in Nicaragua, and since everything you'll need is within walking distance,
transportation is not a big concern. 


The Process Of Becoming A Resident Is Quick And Easy 

The relatively smooth and easy process of becoming a resident is another excellent reason to retire in Nicaragua. On average, it takes 3 to 4 months to complete it. What is more, becoming a resident is not going to affect your US residency status. A residency permit is issued for five years, after which you can easily renew it.  


A Lively Ex-pat Community  

Providing exceptional benefits and incentives, beautiful sceneries, and high quality of life, it's easy to conclude why Nicaragua attracts many ex-pat retirees. Other top reasons to retire in Nicaragua are the proverbial beach towns and fascinating cultural experiences, to name but a few. Here everyone will find something to suit their taste. And you're sure to make new friendships with like-minded people who decided to pack up and leave the cold weather behind in exchange for living their retirement dream in Nicaragua. Enjoy dining at international restaurants, visit your new friend's home or organize a day trip to nearby cities. The options to enjoy life to the fullest are endless.  

Meta: Here are the top reasons to retire in Nicaragua, a beautiful country that could be the easy answer to the difficult retirement questions you've been contemplating.

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