The Top 5 Reasons To Live In Nicaragua

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Are you ready to spend your leisure years by the ocean? Do you want to escape a hectic life in the big city? The beautiful coastal country of Nicaragua in Central America has become very popular among ex-pats in recent years. With its low cost of living, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear water, it has been a top choice to settle here for good. If you are still indecisive about this Latin gem or just don't know enough, let us present you with the top 5 reasons to live in Nicaragua. You will be surprised by the benefits life in Nicaragua brings.

1. Life In Nicaragua Is Affordable

One thing that draws US citizens to Nicaragua is the low cost of living. Your income or your retirement is enough to live a comfortable life without having to worry too much. In fact, you will probably be living the same lifestyle you were used to in the States, but, you will be spending much less.  

If you are looking for an ideal place to purchase your second home or retire, you should absolutely consider investing in Nicaraguan real estate. You can choose to buy a house, a condo, an apartment, or a place by the golf course if you wish. With real estate prices so much lower than in North America, a beautiful beachfront house can be yours for an extremely reasonable price. Nicaragua residents also enjoy very low property tax. As far as the infrastructure and amenities, many growing communities can accommodate the American lifestyle standards you have become accustomed to.

Day to day life is absolutely affordable in Nicaragua, even with a large family. Opt for healthier, homegrown fruits and vegetables at local markets, and if you’re looking to enjoy the excellent Nicaraguan cuisine, local restaurants will serve you fresh, authentic meals.

2. Imagine Spending The Rest Of Your Life
On The Beach

Nicaragua is located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It will take you only three hours to fly here from the US. The location is perfect for a vacation home – in fact, you can literally live on the beach! With warm, tropical weather and a beautiful coastline, Nicaragua is a fantastic choice for your new home.

If you choose to live in a beachfront community, you can enjoy spectacular sunsets. Imagine relaxing nights by bonfire with your friends, or collecting shells with your kids or grandkids. If you like water sports, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy such recreational activities. Rest assured, you will have the chance to experience some unforgettable activities on the beach, after all this is why you want to move, isn’t it?

Top_reasons_to_live_in_Nicaragua_4Spending your life on the beach is one of the top reasons to live in Nicaragua.

3. Nicaragua Is Safe And Welcoming To Foreigners

Nicaragua is open to foreign investments with a residency program that has over the years become much easier. Knowing the benefit of welcoming foreigners into the country, the Nicaraguan government has passed the Law of Resident Pensioners and Retirees (Decree 628) that ensures those seeking a Second Residency or who need a Plan B, can become residents of Nicaragua.

For many people who are attracted to the beauty of Nicaragua in recent years, the idea of spending their leisure years along the coastline is now a possibility.

If you plan on relocating with your family and purchasing a home, you can certainly expect residents to be welcoming and committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible. No matter how stressful international moving itself can be, you will quickly forget all about it once you have established your connections in your new home. If you choose to transfer from the US to beautiful Nicaragua, you are in for some exciting times and real-life adventures. Even the moving process can be made simple if you get some help from knowledgeable professionals experienced (this would be a great hyperlink to us) in international relocations.

4. Endless Activities In Beautiful Nicaragua

Nicaragua is full of hidden gems and breathtaking nature that captivates your soul the first time you visit. Have you ever dreamed of a place where you can enjoy the sun, the sand, and crystal-clear water all day long? Many visitors have found themselves returning for good after just one visit, such is the charm of this Central American country.

Top_reasons_to_live_in_Nicaragua_2Enjoy surfing, water skiing, and other water sports on Nicaraguan beaches.

If you like surfing, snorkeling, and water skiing, Nicaragua’s beaches offer endless opportunities for a good time. You can also enjoy romantic couples activities, like a romantic dinner in Puerto Allende, or hiking in the jungle. When you live in Nicaragua, there is no end to the fun activities you can enjoy outdoors.

Top_reasons_to_live_in_Nicaragua_3You can enjoy many fun outdoor activities in Nicaragua, such as climbing a live volcano.

5. Family Is The Most Important Thing In The World

If you are tired of working all day, with little time to spend with your family, the simple Nicaraguan life will suit you well. Living in a culture that makes your family a priority is one of the top reasons to live in Nicaragua, and something that can quickly incentivize moving abroad with kids. Relocating with your whole family sounds like a big project, but once you settle in, you will come to love the simple life.

After the initial shock of the move, your kids will quickly adapt to the relocation. There are fantastic, quality schools and endless activities for them to enjoy with their new friends. Family time will become even more special as you find more time to spend with them exploring and growing comfortable in your new home.

These are all fantastic reasons to consider Nicaragua for your next home, and as you get comfortable exploring the region, we bet you can find more! On your next visit, immerse yourself fully - explore and experience this beautiful land of lakes and volcanoes. You might find even more reasons to stay forever.

Top reasons to live in Nicaragua5Spend your weekend with your family having fun at the beach.


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