Tips to Import Your Belongings into Nicaragua

Posted by Gran Pacifica on May 2, 2017 10:07:50 PM

by Ross Campbell.

Many Americans are moving to new countries each year and Nicaragua is a top pick for Americans looking to live in a more affordable location. While it can be a good destination if you know what you're getting yourself into, it's important that you know all the restrictions and steps you must go through to complete a move successfully.


Be Careful of Restrictions
While nothing is outright banned from entering the country per Nicaraguan customs, there are plenty of restrictions that you must be aware of when trying to bring your belongings into the country.

Be careful about any uncanned dairy, meat and leather items. There's also restrictions around matches as well as firearms and all firearms must be licensed before they can be brought to the country. Licensing a firearm is not a simple task if you want to bring it to Nicaragua with you, and chances are that it will be much simpler to leave it behind when you move.

While there are restrictions around many food items and for pets, there are some items, like tobacco, alcohol and perfume that you are free to bring into the country in limited quantities. It's possible to bring 500 grams of tobacco or 200 cigarettes for free. You can also bring in a single large bottle or three small bottles of perfume and up to three liters of liquor.

Bring Your Pets
It's possible to bring both cats and dogs into Nicaragua, but you need to ensure that the pet is in good health and that it's certified by a veterinarian to be healthy and free of rabies. You'll need to provide a vaccination certificate before you can bring your pet into the country, but the procedure is surprisingly simple to go through. Many Americans leaving the U.S. have brought their pets with them from the U.S. and while you must show proof of vaccination, seldom ever will you find any issues with bringing your pet with you during the move.

Bring Smaller Household Items
It's possible to bring many of your smaller household items to your new home on a flight from the United States, but you'll have to follow all the local restrictions to bring your items along with you. You can also rely on a shipping company to move larger items into the country, but it's important to only bring your most valuable objects along with you, because it can be quite expensive to ship in items.

Bring Your Vehicle
Shipping a vehicle to Nicaragua comes with some restrictions that you must follow along with. For starters, the vehicle that you ship must be within 10 years of the manufacture date or you simply will not be able to import it. You'll also have to go through a series of steps to prove your identity and that the vehicle is legal. After showing a residence visa, U.S. passport, proof of insurance, an invoice from the consulate, a certificate from U.S. Border Customs, a bill of lading and the title, you will have met the requirements to legally ship in your vehicle from the United States. Then you just need to worry about taxes and fees. Taxes range from 10% to 30% depending on the power of the vehicle, so high-powered sports cars are going to be significantly more expensive to move to the country.

Make sure that you are relying on a quality overseas auto shipper to help get your vehicle into Nicaragua safely, and the whole process will be made simpler and quicker as well.

If you know the major restrictions when moving to the country, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting your vehicle or your other belongings into Nicaragua. It's not too difficult if you follow along with all the requirements. Once your items have arrived in the country, it may be best to schedule local transport to have everything delivered to your door where you can sit back and relax while a transport crew handles the tough lifting, loading and unloading directly to your private home.

Nicaragua is a country where finding the perfect home or even a great investment property is something that many people are seeking due to the lower cost of living and the great opportunities for tourist and business development. It’s also one of the best Latin American countries for American expats who like a little outdoor adventure including surfing, golfing or long hikes in the woods as well as those who just want to live where they can feel less stress and be able to relax even on the busiest of days. 


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