The Country that Captured my Heart

Posted by Karolyn Masters on Nov 7, 2017 9:47:14 AM

Karolyn_Experience_in_nicargua.pngI first set foot in Nicaragua in December 2014, with my two children in tow. From the moment of our arrival, it was love at first sight.

I have been an avid traveler all of my life, always looking for new places to visit and explore. Nicaragua had always flown under my radar as a vacation destination - until I started working with Patrick Hiebert, VP of Sales and Marketing at Gran Pacific Beach and Golf Resort. Designing various marketing materials for Gran Pacifica and seeing the beautiful landscapes, it soon jumped to the top of my “must-see” list.

My kids were four and five years old at the time, so the majority of our time was spent in the pool or at the beach. I can’t say enough about the beaches there; Nicaragua is a bit of a hidden gem, and the beaches are pretty much your own private playground.

We also joined Patrick and the “Help Them Help Themselves” charity team during our stay, visiting one of the schools at a nearby village. A few weeks before, they had taken photos of each child and we brought the prints back for them. Some of these kids had never seen a photo of themselves, so seeing their faces when given their picture was very touching. We helped the kids make frames for their photos, so they could bring them home to their families for Christmas. It was truly a treat to share this experience with them!

The most memorable experience about meeting with these amazing children, however, was how they immediately fully embraced my own kids with such openness and acceptance. When I asked to take a photo of them with my kids, they immediately pulled them close and sat down to pose. The especially touching part about this is that my son has Autism. These boys didn’t even seem to notice. They pulled him over and sat themselves down on either side of my kids, ready for the photo - proof that love knows no boundaries.

 I visited Nicaragua again in April of 2015 on my own. As a woman traveling alone, I truly felt safe each and every day, and Nicaragua still tops my personal “been there, loved it” vacation list.

I’m thankful for the opportunity that presented itself to not only work with the Gran Pacifica team, but to be introduced to the country of Nicaragua, which has stolen my heart. We shall soon be reunited.

Karolyn Masters

Written by Karolyn Masters

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