The Benefits of a Lower Cost of Living

Posted by Adam McGeehan on Jun 6, 2016 9:45:52 AM

Everyone wants to improve their quality of life. Generally speaking, there are only two ways to do this. The first would be to make more money. Well, let’s just say that that’s easier said than done. The second option to increase one’s quality of life would be to reduce their cost of living. If you can spend less on the sorts of everyday expenses you typically have to spend money on, then you will have freed up resources to spend on other things. Reducing one’s cost of living can be a bit difficult, but there is one sure fire way to achieve this: living in Nicaragua. 

The cost of living is incredibly low in Nicaragua, and by living in Nicaragua you can significantly reduce your cost of living, especially if you are currently living in a country where the cost of living is incredibly high, such as the United States. There are a multitude of benefits that come along with lowering your cost of living, all of which I’m sure you will enjoy.

Higher Quality within Your Grasp

When you spend less on things like clothing and food, that frees up money for you to spend on other things. Maybe you use some of that freed up income to go out to the movies or theater more often. Maybe you use that money to go to the extra-extra fancy restaurant (instead of the single-fancy restaurant) when you go out for a special night. Really, what you spend your freed up money on is totally up to you, but by lowering your cost of living, the options are there for you.


You Don’t Have to Worry About Chores

A lower cost of living can mean not having to worry about doing chores anymore. How? Well, when living in Nicaragua, you will notice that the cost for hired help is incredibly low. Take, for instance, a personal maid, whom can be hired to clean your house 5 days a week for only a couple hundred dollars a month. That’s a pretty good deal. Other services, such as gardening, cooking or driving, can all be hired out, meaning you won’t have to worry about doing any of these things, unless you want to. A lower cost of living can certainly bring with it many benefits.


Stop Stressing!

Finally, probably one of the best benefits of a lower cost of living is one that is a little harder to measure, but certainly one that you will enjoy. This benefit is a lower amount of stress in your life. We all stress over personal finances. From the most well off to those struggling to get by, everyone stresses about finances at least to some degree. But by lowering your cost of living, you can take a bit of that stress away. Money won’t be so tight when cost of living goes down, and you can relax a little bit.

Living in Nicaragua comes with it many, many benefits, one of the most important being a lower cost of living. You will enjoy lowering your cost of living when living in Nicaragua.

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Adam McGeehan

Written by Adam McGeehan

Adam is a recent graduate of Allegheny College. There he majored in Economics with a minor in Spanish. He has always been interested in traveling abroad and is thrilled to have recently taken up residence in Managua, Nicaragua to work as an intern for ECI Development. He is excited to take in all of the culture of this wondrous nation.

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