The Beautiful Beaches of Nicaragua

Posted by Jamie Cain on Feb 26, 2019 7:11:35 AM

Beaches in Nicaragua are one of Central America’s best-kept secrets. So much so that pictures are scarce. Apart from the Corn Islands, most of the best beaches in Nicaragua are along the narrow stretch of golden sand that borders Nicaragua’s South Pacific Coast.

The Corn Islands

Corn IslandsThe Corn Islands

 First up are The Corn Islands. The Corn Islands were one of Christopher Columbus’s last stops on the Great Navigator’s fourth and final voyage to the New World. The islands are located approximately 50 miles off Nicaragua’s eastern shoreline, a short journey for us by air.

The turquoise colored Caribbean shimmers off the coast alongside the seemingly endless stretches of white sand, shaded by coconut palms. There are small dive shops where you can rent diving equipment to explore the dazzling underwater world of the coral reefs, so numerous and just offshore. Most of Corn Island’s beaches are associated with the charming resort hotels that have sprung up throughout the islands. Picnic Center Beach is one of the most popular beaches for swimming in The Corn Islands.

El Coco Beach

Located just a few miles away from the coastal town of San Juan del Sur, Coco Beach on the West Pacific Coast is a broad stretch of gleaming sand, studded with unusual rock formations. It’s an incredible place for lounging in the sun, but you can also enjoy horseback riding and bicycling. The Marine Park there also sponsors boat rides to the nearby Isla Bolaños. El Coco Beach is also one of many beaches in Nicaragua where you will have the opportunity to see giant sea turtles.

Marsella Beach

Marsella Beach is another spectacular span of brilliant sand within driving distance of San Juan del Sur. Marsella Beach is off the beaten path and isn’t very well known so you may be one of only a few folks there. The golden sand stretches out from formations of black volcanic rock. There are also several small restaurants in the immediate area if you get hungry.

Colorado Beach

Colorado Beach is Nicaragua’s premier surfing beach, and it probably has the highest notoriety among all the beaches in Nicaragua. It’s famous for its barrel waves and has been the host of several World Masters Surfing Championships over the years. So if you are an inexperienced surfer, you would best be advised to avoid the waves here and go sport fishing or engage in other water activities.

Montelimar Beach


Close to the Nicaraguan capital Managua, Montelimar is likely to be the most crowded beach you encounter in your travels through the Central American country. Montelimar boasts three kilometers of fine white sand surrounded by lush vegetation. It’s a favorite surfing spot, but you will need to bring your own equipment.

Pochomil Beach


Although Pochomil is 60 kilometers away from Managua, it’s actually more popular than Montelimar Beach with the residents of that city. Nicaraguans come to the beach to swim, sunbathe, and go horseback riding along the shore at sunset. Pochomil and its neighboring beach, La Boquita, are the hubs of Nicaragua’s nascent tourist development efforts; so many hotels, restaurants, and clubs have sprung up on the outskirts of the beaches.

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